Saturday, April 29, 2006

Yep, that time of year again......

.....time for another Wildflower Century here in Chico. Good luck to everyone riding tomorrow! Keep safe - and have fun! Hear there's gonna be tons of food too! And there better be considering there's gonna be close to 4,000 hungry cyclists on that ride.

See ya out there!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Ya gotta get in.......

......on this one. This shreds! Too cool. Even Lori wants that bike!

Critical Mass in SF today.

Mixed emotions about this George Bush riding off a cliff......on my new Moots Vamoots SL.

Part craziness, part statement, part lunacy. I think it drives some drivers to drive us off the road. But maybe it does make a cool statement.

Just don't know about this event. Yeah, I'm kinda for it. But no, I'm thinkin' there might be a better way. Mixed emotions.



Speaking of crazy stuff.......

.......what gearing are you guys gonna use for this race???

Nome - whatd'ya say......Single Speed??!!

Good luck to Nome and Yoda tomorrow!

I heard that they're gonna attempt this event. Man, that's craziness. You guys rock!

My prediction?



......Gianni's got a blog.

The Dudes!

Some local boys makin' good on the racing scene. On the left is Michael C. - the Cat. 2 rider waiting to happen. It'll be fun to see him progress as the season goes on. That guy is hella good.

Next to him is CJ - another racer who is quick fast, and learning just as rapidly. He's making some noise out there on the racing scene, and is a threat to win every race out there. Uh, needs a new front wheel though.

The guy next to him is Jimmy C. - the ultimate triathlon stud. And if you ever collapse at a race or on a ride, you want this guy with you - he can and will save your life!

And finally, the guy on the right is Geno - last I heard, he was gonna sign a pro contract with these guys. They even gave him a bike!

I'm tellin' ya, it's gettin' spooky good riding here in Chicoville.

Shoot - almost forgot......

....this pic and the one below are from the EMC Criterium in 2005.

And for Steve Grusis - you can sign up for the event here.

Hope to see you guys there - I'll be working on one of the corners as a marshal - or at registration - or picking up trash around the course - or all of the above. Hey, ya gotta help out with your own event! And yes, I'm going to attempt to take some more crappy photos of the event this year. I think I took 250 pics last year at this race - 249 were pretty bad. So, this year, my plan is to take only 125 pics, but shoot for better quality. OR, take 500 pics, and try to get 2 good ones! Or maybe a little of both.

Hope to see ya there!

Oh yeah......

......perfect weather for a ride today.....and just a slight breeze outside at the moment. This has gotta be one of my favorite times of the entire year for riding - just-right temps and everything is greeny. Awesome.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back in the day......

.....when I first started racing, my very first race was the Camellia Festival Road Race near Ione, California. I was littler then - seeing how it was 25 years ago - and I was only in 7th grade.

The thing of it was, I didn't know anything about racing then. I mean, yeah, I knew a little bit - and I did have a coach and a team. I was slowly learning about riding and packs and racing technique. But for the most part, I was a greenie......just total newbie. Didn't even know there was such a thing as gear restrictions in Junior racing. I was in wool shorts, nailed-in-cleat shoes, just looking to ride fast with these other Juniors.

And the cool thing about it - I just didn't know anyone.

Why is that cool??

Because the mental part of it didn't get in the way of the riding or racing.

When you start to learn this and that about racing - and especially some of the key players out there - sometimes your mind can play tricks on you - "Oh, that's Greg Foster, the National Champion on the Track....I'll never be able to beat him in a sprint!" or "Great - just great - Scott McKinley is here again - I guess we'll all be racing for 2nd place."

But no - that first race - I was clueless.......and thus, had more of an open mind to possibilities and opportunities in races. There was no mental block - no intimidation - no conclusions before the race even started.

It was just me, the bike, the race.

Too fun.

Okay, back to work.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yoda, I want your legs man.......

......that's some serious veinage coming out there.

Great to see you on the podium again too! Hmmmm. Now, that top spot is lookin' closer and closer each race.


Keep using the Force!!

So far, I have zero upgrade points for the year. But as soon as I get however-many-upgrade-points-you- need-this-year-depending-upon-USCF-rule-interpretations, I'll be out there to help ya out as much as possible.

Nice pic X Bunny!

Found here. Too cool.

And finally tonight.....

......this testimonial on this website just makes me laugh uncontrollably. Especially this line:

"Never hit the road for 6 months.... logging about 20-30 hours a week... before the next race season I went out on the road a week before my first race just to make sure I would not tip over... I won the first 2 races and followed it up with 2 second places!! I upgraded to a Cat 1 in a year and a half! The only time I road outside was to race.... I won the state championship as a Cat 3 and got a second place as a Cat 1 .... I am absolutely convinced that the CompuTrainer is responsible!!"

Okay, now wait.....hold on. Yes, I am positive that the CompuTrainer helped you out......I mean, definitely - that thing is just hella fun.

But let's face it - 20 to 30 hours a friggin' week??? I mean, was it really just the CompuTrainer that helped out? Tony Rominger once stated that he thought that 35 hours per week was WAY too much riding even for a pro cyclist. And he spoke from experience, seeing how he consistently rode 35 hours per week(I know, insane).

My thing is this - you trained/rode 20 to 30 hours per week. Obviously there's gonna be an outcome to that type of abuse....uh.....I mean fun. You're probably gonna be a stronger rider, eh?

And then there is this little problem. Not sure I wanna be next to you in a crit.......your bike handling would probably be about as great as my conerning.......which completely and totally sux.

I'm still laughing - sorry. I need to go to bed. It's been one helluva day.

"So, now, what you're telling me...... that if I ride my mountain bike, it could help my road riding too?"

"Yeah, it could."

"And vice versa???"

"Uh, yeah. I think so."

"How do ya know?"

"Uh, hmmm. Well, there's these two guys, see. And they're both Chicotypes. Last I heard, they're both mountain bike Pros. But, for some odd crazy reason, they have this tendency to ride road bikes real fast too. Like, real fast. 'Specially up vertical roads."

"Hmmm. Well, that pretty much says it all. I'm convinced. Think I'll get me a mountain bike."

Wente Vineyards Road Race Results
Livermore, CA,

Elite 3, Field 90
1 361 Aren Timmel 113102 SOULCRAFT /Team Chico
2 374 Samuel Pickman 133433 Team Casterama
3 373 Michael Andres 189954 Soulcraft /Team Chico
4 341 Christopher Berry 197640 Team Spine
5 309 John Trefethen 212376 International Christian Cycling Club

And then there's this one:

Bariani (Zamora) Road Race
March 19, 2006

Elite 3
1 Timmel Aren Soulcraft/Team Chico
2 Gough Tyler Tieni Duro - A Junior!!
3 Peckham John Webcor/Alto Velo
4 Pickman Samuel Team Casterama
5 Andres Michael Soulcraft/Team Chico

I'm noticing a trend here.

And not sure if you noticed in the pic above - from here - but that winning bike is just hella nice! Seems like I've seen one of those somewhere before too. Like, hmmmm, in a dream or something.

Now, I need to replace that rear tire on the good old mountain bike sitting here. We haven't connected in a few - and the last time we did, I pretty much punched a nice size hole in the tire on North Rim. And seein's how I'm gonna Guinea Pig that bike for the next few months, it's about to get thoroughly abused.

Ride on Tony!

Sunday is a go - and the roads/scenery are looking sahweeeet out there for the Wildflower Century!

These kits are just lookin'.......

.......flash snazzy! Dig the bikes too!

The weather outside is too nice to work inside today......

......need to get out and play.

My brain is still trying to wake up too - need another big mug of Peets and a nice ride.

But no - work calls.


I was talking to our Team Mom last night.....

.....and I told her I would put more pictures of her on this bloggy thing. But, I didn't have a ton of pics of her.......except this one! Classic.

Golden State Crit 2005.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Geesh.....555 posts of wasted time.....

......and now this is post #556. Good lord - I should be doing hill repeats instead of all this blogging crud. Nah! Those repeats are tonight.

Anyway, this weekend - Sunday to be exact - we have a little event here in Chico which quite a few people like to do. I think we're expecting some crazy amount of cyclists - 3,000 or 4,000 or some insane number like that.....and the weather is lookin' to be sweet and warm.

But man, one thing has me thrown off a bit about the Wildflower Century. And that's the folks out there who are throwin' our lovely little Humboldt Road right in the trash. 4 miles up, 4 miles down......and everyone I've talked to says they ain't gonna do that piece of crap hill.

Well, I am.

I can't throw that old girl away........she's been good to us for so long......why skip it??? I mean, this isn't the Honey Run Road Century - and it isn't the Table Mountain Century(although, by the sound of it, it should be). It's the Wildflower Century - and that includes Humboldt.

"Yeah, but I've been up Humboldt a million times. Why do it again??? Besides, it's a crappy old road! I'll just do the Century without that thing and add a lap around the park at the end."


Or how about:

"Yeah, we rode the Century. Got in 72 miles too!"

Whoopdie doo.

Take it - all of it - ride the whole friggin' thing and experience it all. 100+ miles, gorgeous weather, doing one of your favorite activities in the world - what more could you ask for???? Why shorten it???

Food for thought.

Okay, back to work.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Okay Geno......

.....gotta ask this before or after the race???? Looks like Twinkies - is that the new Breakfast of Champions??

If so, don't tell Dean L.!

And here's two that aren't dorks!

Morgan and Stef.......gettin' ready for some winter training.......yep, they're hardcoreage.

Kinda like you Peggy - Saw Peggy out riding tonight and she was HELLA cold!!! Just ridin' around in a sleeveless jersey and shorts. I think she was half ice cube. But hey, she was out there doin' her thing.

Why are some racers such dorks???

I mean, c'mon man - you're way out of the race and you find it necessary to spit on another rider??? And not just another rider, but OV himself!! Blasphemy!!!

So that's how he does it!

The breakfast of Champions.

Now, the question is......what the hell is it??? Looks like either a Clif Bar, a C2 bar or a rotten banana. Actually looks pretty grody.

Wente Champ Dean L.

Yes, I am a complete idiot.......

......being the bonehead that I am, I thought it would be fun to jet to one of our local cycling shops after work to check out.....what else.....the bicycle above. Not to purchase it or anything - just to look at it, maybe touch it......just sorta ogle at it a bit. Well, not only do I do that, but I have to get on the thing too. Bad bad bad. $5,500.....basically $6,000 by the time you get it out the door.

Nope, not gonna do such a thing. That's groceries for two years for Lori and myself. Just can't do it.

Instead, I leave the store feeling......well......I'm sure you guys know the feeling.

I'm gonna stop doing that to myself - just randomly walking into these candy shops and drooling over the latest crap on the rack. My mind told me to just go out for a ride after work.....but my stupid idiotic lust had me jam over to the shop real quick-like. Bad bad bad.

On a side note - Dave B. - Dude, I wish you a very very speedy recovery. That Wente Crit crash sounded hellish. Let us all know if you need anything - we'll be there!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Good job you guys!

Looks like Geno on Paul's wheel at today's Wente Criterium. How'd it go out there Paul??? Good job Geno - way to hang in there!

And CJ - man, I'm as distraught as Kurt! That wheel has some ugliness to it. Hope you are okay though from today's Crit crash - heal up fast Dude!

Please tell me the race didn't look like this...... at Wente. That would be nasty bad.

Okay Team...... we're just gettin' silly.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Some more crappy photos from my......

.....crappy photo collection. You know, one of these days, I'm gonna learn how to use that silly camera.

2005 Golden State Criterium - the 2006 version coming up on the 6th of May.

Hey John Barry - is that you in the top pic???

John's one of those cool riders you wish you could hang out with a bit more. DH and I met him last year at that Ronde van Brisbane racey. Coolest dude ever. Chico Stater too! And one of the awesomest awesome things - the guy rides one of these. Think he's racin' Wente tomorrow stay on him.....he'll probably be the only guy out there on a Moots SL.

Thinkin' it's time to get a new saddle...... I've been looking at one of these. Not sure yet though. Need to try it out first.

What I am sure of is that the saddle I use now, after 8 months, still feels like I'm sitting on a nail.

Happy Anniversary...... two!!! May your life always be filled with Schmoopy!

Came to an interesting re-realization today.......

.....I was out on our back patio watching the rain, seeing the birds everywhere.......and glancing over at my bike staring back at me, obviously wondering why we haven't left the house yet. Then it dawned on's not about thinking, it's about doing. Of course we all know that, but sometimes we just need a reminder.......well, at least some of the time. Which brings me to this strange tangent.........Why do people carry two water bottles in a 40-minute criterium??? Has anyone ever seen - even in hot weather - someone drinking two full bottles of water in a 40-minute criterium??? I mean, I see the summer crits, where the temps are 95 and the race is 90-minutes long....carrying two bottles makes total sense. But does anyone bother drinking two full bottles in a 40-minute crit? The last time I raced a crit, I didn't even touch my water bottle......don't even know why I had it in the cage. I think for some, it's for peace of mind....that little reassurance that the two bottles are there. And that makes sense. Sort of.

Way to go Dan Martin from this team - just heard you won the Wente Road Race today - Awesome job Dude! Which reminds me again - we're outta bread and bananas.....need to go grocery shopping.

Wait!! No!!! She's not dead!

Yes, I am one of those geeks who refuses to bury any equipment - even when it seems beyond repair. I drive Lori up the wall because we have bicycles all over the place.....including equipment most people would classify as junk. But, for some reason, I just can't let go.....makes me sick to think of cycling gear gone to waste/trash. So, I keep it......for old times sake.....and for that never-ending dream of building it up again, into some sort of useable ride. Yeah, I know - I catch a lot of grief from Lori for it too.

Thanks to Redding Mountain Bikers for the pic! Get ready for the upcoming race up there too - it's gonna be another killer day in the saddle.

"Uh, you did what???"

"I gold-plated my Rossin - looks awesome!"

"Uh, why??"

"'Cause it looks cool! Look at it! Isn't it cool???"

What some people won't do to one-of-a-kind their bicycles. Craziness.

Alright you guys.........'d it go at Wente??? Good luck in the Criterium tomorrow - keep the rubber side down, as usual!

Heard it wasn't rainin' down there today - so that was good news.

Geno - what happened in your race???

Yes, that's the Thurmanator.......with Nome on his wheel.....and it looks like Yoda next to him.

Happy Saturday everyone!

It's rainin' again! YES!!

Hope all is going well at the Wente Road Race - and the Bike Around the Buttes. Stay safe out there.

You know, I still don't know how in the world these guys do what they do......but I'd like to learn someday before I croak.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sweet Dreams Y'all - Gotta catch me some shuteye.

Heard it may rain tomorrow too. Yippee. But, gotta go for a spin anyway - it's been a great week of weather so far........why stop the fun now??!!

Dr. X! Old school me, Dude!

Gotta see a pic of that pre-600 Specialized of yours. Almost bought one of those back in the day......but went for the Colnago instead.

Not 100% sure, but I saw that the 2006 UCI Cyclocross World Championships might be on TV again at 1pm(or was it 2pm???) on Friday(tomorrow - the 21st). Comcast Sportsnet. Check your local listings.

Anybody ever have one of these done???

It's a SpinScan - basically measuring your pedal stroke efficiency. I'm really tempted to try it out......but at the same time, I'm a little nervous as to what it will conclude! But, it'd be nice to know.......just for heck's sake. Kinda like getting a bodyfat test. Speaking of which, I should probably check that out as well. I'm thinkin' double-digits of the big variety.

CJ - How'd it go out there Dude???

Local Stud puttin' the hurt on the field at Copperopolis.

Not sure who took the picture though - couldn't find any clues about it. Hmmm. Guess it'll remain a mystery forever.


Hey Dude, no worries - we'll be back out there. DH is outta town working for the next few days/weeks, I had to work last night.....not sure where Paul S. was last night. We'll be out there soon mixing it all up though.

Speaking of sleep......

......4th night in a row I've had a dream about last laps in Crits. I'm in the top 5 going into the last lap, we've been going round and round and round for the last 45 minutes in this silly criterium........and suddenly, I make a friggin' wrong turn! What the??? On a Crit course?

What does it mean, what does it mean??!!

Obviously, I'm directionless.

Damn it!!!

Quit invading my dreams!!!

Okay, now it's starting to feel like spring time......

....outside. Hope you all are taking advantage of it!

To the dudes who crashed on the Fast 50 last night - I hope you all are okay and heal up fast. That just sux, but it does happen now and again. But hey, you got your crash outta the way for the, now's the time to have some fun!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Why does this......

......not surprise me.

Maybe it was the weather......

.....but it seems that hill repeats were the call of the day for many out there riding this afternoon.

Zach - just heard about your accident on the Fast 50 dude - Hope you are okay - Heal fast!!

It's official......

.....this is my new favorite Pro team.

"Hey Honey, Paris-Roubaix is on again!"

I was like, "What???"

And Lori says, "Yeah, it's on again - on Chan. 34."

So, I go in to check it out - and lo and's not's the 2006 UCI Cyclocross World Championships - on the friggin' TV - in the US!!! Comcast Sportsnet.

First time I've ever seen cyclocross on the TV in the US. Too rad. So, being the geek I am, I threw a tape in the VCR to record it.......for better hallway vision in the future.

And the thing about those pros - they are FAST!! I mean, watching those dudes fly up the steps - they were moving!

Anyway, glad to see the sport getting some exposure here in the States.

Not sure why.......

......gut I gotta hankerin' for a build-up right now. Something cheap, something fun, something do-it-all. Like a 1x7 or even go ultra modern with a 1x8! I went out into the work shed this morning......and I don't know what it was......but something was telling me to do a build-up.


I think I need a ride. Or another cup of Peets. Or both.

Nome - are you gonna hit the dirt today???

Even a day later.......

.....I am still laughing at this post by SharkMan. Too funny - Lori dug it too, and could relate.

OH - the pic. Uh, let's see - it's the Cat. 3 race at the 2005 Golden State Crit(coming up on May 6th). I think the dude in the back here races for Morgan Stanley now - wears a funky Jason-killer mask on his helmet. Funny, but kinda weird too.......sorta like this blog.

Wish I could do a morning ride today......

.....besides the work commute. But, as usual, work calls - and I'll have to have some patience before hittin' the road again.......or the dirt! Not sure if the trails are open yet though - they close the Bidwell Park Trails whenever they're wet.

Man, we hafta get another training camp going - that was hella fun.


Had a chance to ride for a bit with Morgan yesterday, and let me tell you - she is a different rider altogether. The first thing I noticed - she looked as if she were one with the bicycle......just perfect harmony on the bike. Next, you know how some riders just have that "look" about them - the look of many miles passed, great conditioning, making it look easy? Well, that was Morgan yesterday - almost didn't recognize her. Thought she was some pro out training here in Chicoville. Definitely awesome.

OH - and if Mo looks familiar to you, she was in Bicycling Magazine a few months back - they interviewed her after the Mt. Shasta Summit Century ride. Full page pic too!

Which reminds me - I need to get her autograph before she becomes all famous-like on the racing circuit.

Oh man, what a great ride yesterday!

And the coolest part? I woke up today and the sun was out again! I was in shock.

So, that only means one thing - ridin'!

Anyway, fun little hill ride yesterday - probably do it again today, with a twist. It's amazing how appreciative you become of the weather - especially when it means awesome conditions for re-creation.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And you know.......

.....I'm thinking today's a good day for hills.

Today is a good day to ride.......

.....I don't think I see a single cloud in the sky! And the sun is shining so bright, our entire house is lit up this morning with sun rays. Awesomely beautiful!

Too bad my coach wants me to do 30 minutes on the trainer to work on one-legged pedaling drills today. Oh well - I can just hope for sunshine some other day.

F**k that - if my coach told me that, I'd ask what world he/she is living in. Like Groovy T said - You gotta live in the now.

Let's ride!! (Outside!)

Monday, April 17, 2006

And one last pic for your viewing pleasure......

.....or not.

Time to catch some shut-eye.......been awake all day, damn it!

What is up with these bicycles???

Is it just me, or has everyone just decided that this is the year of Specialized??? The last time I can recall seeing this many Ss was mountain bike racing back in the day. Whatchu all think of these bikes?? Did Specialized have some kinda crazy sale on these things?? Buy 1, get 2 free??

Hey, not knockin' them - I think they're beautiful. Although, for some odd reason, I thought they were ugly as s**t early last year. Not sure why. Guess some art takes a bit of time to appreciate. I think the time I really started digging these bikes is when Patrick Briggs pulled a double victory at our Crit last year. Of course, if I remember correctly, he was riding one of those S bikes.

On a side note - Wolf Creek is not the best roller-riding movie in the world to watch. I should've watched this one instead.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

And finally tonight......

.....I hear we're finally gonna get some clearer weather this next week.....well, from what I heard, it's suppose to be partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain. That sounds great to me.

So, with that in mind, I think it's time to break out of the mold and do some abstract training this week.


Uh......yeah. I'll tell ya more next week. It's Guinea Pig with a twist.


Heard the Tallerico was in a little accident at a race on Saturday. It's not an RIP injury, but definitely will need a bike-hospital stay. Get well soon little guy.

OH - and Richard's okay - not even a scratch from what he told me! I'm tellin' ya - steel is real.

Not sure how many local riders......

.....were riding up towards Cohasset this afternoon......but man, if you were, I hope you made it home alive and kicking. The storm brewing out there looked hella nasty - and when I went out to the front of the house, I actually saw some cloud turnage.....but nothing hit the ground.....well, until the hail started. Hope everyone made it home okay.