Friday, June 04, 2010

Messilla Valley Circuit Race - 9:00AM!!!

Sunday, June 6th - Messilla Valley Circuit Race - 9:00AM - The classic event is back in 2010 for the month of Junel!!! Registration will open at 8:30AM at the top of the hill of Messilla Valley Road - just near the intersection with Pentz Road. The "A" Category will be starting their event at 9:00AM, and the "B" Category going at 9:01AM, and if there are enough riders, the Junior and Category C event will start at 9:02AM(Category C and Juniors Event will be 5-laps, totaling 17.5 miles and 1500 feet of total climbing). The number of laps for Category A & B will remain the same as last year - 10 laps for each Category. Again, sandbagging will not be allowed! (Sandbagging would be an "A" Cateogry rider racing the Category "B" race). If you drive, please park at Spring Valley School, which is only 1-mile away from the Start/Finish Line - or at Butte College and ride in. There's not much parking at the Start/Finish area. The Messilla Valley Course is approximately 3.5 miles in length with about 300+ feet of climbing per lap. 10 laps = 35 miles and 3,000+ feet of climbing. I will have one water container at the Start/Finish Line, but water bottle hand-ups will be SOLELY dependent upon Volunteers - so if you have a volunteer, bring 'em with you! For a map of the course, please click on this link: HELMETS ARE MANDATORY! Rain does not cancel! (Part of the 2010 Chico Road R.A.C.E. Series - 30-point event!)
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