Saturday, August 25, 2007

2007 Cohasset Downhill Time Trial.......

This morning we had perfect weather for Chico Velo's 2nd Annual Cohasset Downhill Time Trial! We had a good turn-out and lots of fun - and gave out some good prizes at the awards ceremony held at the Sub Station out at the Chico Airport. I want to thank all of you for coming out for this one - it was a fast time trial, but fun too!!! We're looking forward to doing this one again next year!

If you placed and were not able to get your prizes at the awards ceremony, come by the Chico Velo office and we'll give you your stuff there.

Also, you can view photos of the event and awards ceremony here:

Okay, now, the results:

1. Janine Rood & Mike Trowbridge Tandem 5:18 (1st Place Tandem!)
2. Jeff Galland 5:44 (1st Place for the Dudes!)
3. Tim Creswell 5:45 (2nd Place for the Dudes!)
4. Mike Ricks 5:52
5. John Alden 5:59
5. James Plummer 5:59
7. Kris Blee 6:05
8. Ryan Olson 6:09
9. Tony Mainz 6:14
10. Mike Trowbridge 6:18
11. CJ Humphries 6:19
12. Jeff Ochs 6:21
13. Mike Thorpe 6:25
14. Geno Gruber 6:28
15. Kurt Haskins 6:29
16. Dave Thorley 6:37
17. Janine Rood 6:39 (1st Place Woman!)
18. Kathy Galli 6:41 (2nd Place Woman!)
19. Daniel Law 6:58
20. JP Bergmann 6:59
21. Carol Benson 7:08
22. Sue Kamrar 7:12
23. Gabrielle Walters 7:18
24. Ray Bransky 7:28
25. Christine Bergmann 8:19

Sorry for any and all spelling errors on the names!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Some Dunnigan Hills Road Race pics......

......and what a day for racing! On the downside, there were a few nasty accidents out there - one taking out our beloved Olaf Vanderhoot.

The accident in the picture at the bottom was in the Masters 35+ 4/5 b race. Luckily, the accident victims walked away - but they had a bit of road rash, and I saw one very taco'd wheel.

OH - I haven't died or anything - just took a short sabbatical on the bloglife.