Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hey Dude!

What size Snelling shirt did ya end up getting?? Did it actually say "Snelling" this time around.......or "Senlling" like last year???

Like I said.......those 3s better be ready.......

That is just totally inspiring Dude....all those 5am mornings to go out and train in the cold, wind, rain, ice......its startin' to pay off. Your 1st 1st place. Awesome!! Okay, what time we ridin' tomorrow???

Thursday, February 22, 2007

So, yes, Lori and I were able to check out......

....the Amgen Tour of California - the Prologue, Stage 1 and Stage 2. Pics in all the entries below(scroll down for the, uh, ChicoCyclistian Photography).

And, being the bike geek I am, here is a run-down of the bike-geekiness notes I took:

--Deep dish aero wheels are, apparently, the new marketing trend in high-end cycling. Did you guys see how many pros were riding those things????

--Speedplay Zero pedals are my new favorites - thanks to the guys at the Speedplay booth in Santa Rosa for letting me stay on the test-ride Cervelo for so long....clipping in, then out, then in, then out. Hey, I had to see if they worked! Same with the CompuTrainer - think I was on that bike for a good half an hour. What'd you expect - had to correct that pedal stroke. That SpinScan is addictive.

--Cervelo's new SL line of frames have hit the crazy crazy light category. I'm not certain one of those frames can handle my svelte 185 pound body at this point. Maybe at 155. Maybe.

--The massive crash in Santa Rosa took its toll on the field. I went to the team cars after the race to take pictures, and man let me tell you - those guys were beat up. Lots of blood, lots of Medical people.

--Ben Jacques-Maynes is one cool cucumber. I don't know how he stayed so calm waiting for the Commisaire's decision about awarding the crashed riders the same time as the leaders in Stage 1. If the decision had gone the other way, it would have been Ben in the lead of the Tour of California.....not Levi.

--It's obvious that CSC and Discovery are the top dogs here. What's really interesting is to see how Team Slipstream and Priority Health are doing. Pretty impressive in my book.

--Michael Rasmussen is one hella skinny Dude.

--For the first time in my cycling career, I actually saw girls giddy over getting autographs from bicycle racers. Never thought I would see that in the US.

--The weather, up to this point, was amazing - no wonder those Euro guys wanna come to this race.

--I took almost 300 pics - hope to have more online soon. Until then, here are some in the entries below.......









Friday, February 09, 2007

So, woke up this morning.......

......and was under the impression that I was pretty good at riding rollers......until I saw this video. I have some practice ahead of me.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Time for rain ridin'......

We all knew it was going to happen at some point. The rain, finally, arrives......that's cool though. I mean, some of the funnest rides out there happen in the rain. And the latest studies show, the safest overall riders ride their bikes in the rain.....and at night. Something about the rider becoming more careful in the conditions or some crazy thing.

Anyway, OH - the pic - Yeah, that's German great Gregor Braun winning another race back in the day.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Uh, Olaf.....'re startin' to worry me man. Those Feb. 7th posts got me bummerfied......

Monday, February 05, 2007


So, as some of you may know, I like bicycling. No, really - I do. I really really really really do!! I work in the cycling industry, I cycle, I talk mostly cycling, I live and breath cycling(as most people can attest to). And you know, there's not much that can crack my enthusiasm for the sport of cycling. Crashes - yeah, maybe, but not really - I still love the bike. Pro cycling drug scandals - big deal - it has no intrusiveness on my morning solo ride. Broken bicycles - well, as much as I dislike them broken - I still love them.

But, after yesterday's Paskenta Century here in Chico - where I was working one of the ten sag vehicles out there - my enthusiasm cracked just a tiny first. But as the Super Bowl wore on yesterday afternoon, my anxiety about working a sag vehicle at that Century yesterday grew. And last night, I had a hard time sleeping. The reason???

Working a sag vehicle can suk. When you consider that this is an "unofficial" 100-mile road race, things tend to happen out there that you don't expect. It's one thing to have closed roads for the Tour of California and the drivers of follow vehicles driving like crazy people(in fact, more than one team was cited at last year's Tour of California for reckless DRIVING!). But, these roads for Paskenta aren't closed - they're open to traffic.....both ways. I look at the situation, and....this is just my opinion......I think that if the sag vehicles had been taken out of this ride, there would not have been an issue. OR, if there was an issue, it would have been small. Instead, we got tons of complaints from the Highway Patrol.

My enthusiasm....well, it took a hit. I saw what was happening. I, myself, was driving one of those lunatic sags. And today, I feel.....both anxiety and regret. Bonehead move. No, not just my driving - although that was bonehead too. The bonehead move was not riding it. Not riding my beloved bicycle in the Century. I contributed to the problem by driving. If I had done what I live for - cycling - I would not be feeling this horrible weight. It just doesn't feel good.

It'll never happen(although it use to every single year), but I wonder what it would be like on that Century with zero sag vehicles.....none at all. Would riders have been so bold to NOT take that short-cut back to the finish line at Black Butte Road? No sag, no food or water - except what ya brung, or get at the Paskenta store. Flat tire?? Better be prepared. Lose the lead group 'cause you had to take a pit stop?? motorpacing back up or hanging on to vehicles, so you're on your own.....hope your time trialing is going well.

You know what I wanna see?? The Tour - with no sags, no follow vehicles. How's that for fun??? Who's gonna win then???

We all ride without a sag. Even that Lance guy trained most of the time without a sag. We bring the necessary items needed for the ride, if we run into a problem, we find a solution to it......many times alone. Got a cell phone? Well, bring it just in case you run into a jam or something. You have a fast 100-mile group ride over country roads on the first weekend of February? Come to it like you mean it - prepared.

Yeah, I'm ranting. I feel ashamed. And my enthusiasm, although a bit less than normal, will return....eventually.

Shoulda ridden that bike yesterday........

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Your team got one of these???

So, I've seen some cool stuff over the years that team's get. Sure, there's bikes and cycling clothes and all that good stuff. But I like to check out the other stuff too. Last year, it was seeing Olaf's Team Safeway handlebar tape(Too cool!). This year, it's us. Get sponsored by a bank.....get personalized team Visa cards. 'Course mine's fairly worthless - might have enough to purchase a pack of chewing gum or two.....not much else though. But hey, I got the card!! Love those sponsors.