Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pentz Road Uphill Time Trial Results...............

Hi Everyone! What a great morning for a ride! Although, it was a bit cold out there. I would like to thank the 30 riders who came out to take part in the Pentz Road Time Trial this morning - Event #5 in the Butte Hill Climb Time Trial Series! It was GREAT having you all there - and glad to see so many folks out riding today! I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Lori Cox and Peggy Selkirk for starting the riders off today - and for Christine Roberts for taking the better photos of this event here - ! And thanks to Brad Foster's kids for providing the cheering section on the hill - that was AWESOME!!!

Okay, below are the Combined Results from this morning's Time Trial up Pentz Road - this is considered a Category 2 climb in the Series - about 5.8 miles in length and climbing approximately 1,150 feet. The next event in the Butte Series is the Coutelenc Road Time Trial on Sunday, April 5th - another Category 2 climb in the Series. The Coutelenc Time Trial climb is approximately 6.8 miles in length and has roughly 1,590 feet of elevation gain. A map of this course can be found on here - . Also, Foster Chiropractic Clinic - - will be having some goodies for the riders at the finish of this next Time Trial!

Tomorrow is the 33-Mile all-flat Aguas Frias Road Race - Registration will open at 8:30am, and the Race will start at 9:00AM, for this 33 mile FLAT route - south down Aguas Frias Road, west on Hwy. 162, north on 7-Mile Lane, east on Ord Ferry Road, with the finish back on Aguas Frias. Start/Finish line is located just south of Dayton 4-corners - across the street from the Stop Ahead Sign on Aguas Frias(where we also Start/Finish the Aguas Frias Time Trials). There will be Category "A" and "B" at this event. I'll be in the SAG vehicle behind you, if you need anything - and will be at the finish to score you. Beautiful out there this time of year! A map of this course can be found here: Total climbing = 128 feet!! Whoohoo!!

I'll send out the updated Current Standings in the Butte Hill Climb Time Trial Series later this evening.

Thank you all again - hope to see you tomorrow!

1. Jesse Rushing 20:28
2. Rich Thurman 20:46
3. Greg Golet 21:17
4. Mike Cordova 21:19
5. Mike Smith 21:41
6. Jim Roberts 21:58
7. Brad Foster 21:59
8. Nathan Younie 23:32
9. Jim Greenlee 24:18
10. Mike Painter 24:25
11. Tom Embree 25:26
12. John Touchette 26:25
13. Samuel Bransky 26:41
14. Gary Fowler 26:48
15. Jeanne O'Regan 27:22
16. Jeff Nye 27:29
17. Charlie Pelton 27:51
18. Jeff Davis 28:07
18. Jay Rawlins 28:07
20. Ray Bransky 28:16
21. Christine Roberts 28:23
22. Jeff Ochs 28:34
23. Joseph Lee 28:45
24. John D'Ewart 28:53
25. Brian Oppy 29:29
26. Reene Fiack 30:03
27. Skip Lees 31:32
28. Andy Merchant 31:50
29. Colin Moakley 32:38
30. Dennis Schmidt 32:55

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Chico, CA