Friday, March 13, 2009

Results from tonight's Cohasset Road Race.........

Hi Everyone! We had a great little 7-Mile Cohasset Road Race this evening at 6pm - good weather and nice temps - and 12 riders taking part in the event. Thank you all for coming out to this one - great way to start off the weekend!! We'll be doing another one of these next Friday - March 20th - up Humboldt Road & just beyond it - - 4.2 Miles and about 940 feet of climbing.

Tonight's little event saw a 3-person break take off on the Cohasset mini-hills just before Keefer Road - James Plummer, Walter Lohse and Mike Painter. They were being chased feverishly, but the chase pack could not quite get to them. About half-way up the climb, Walter Lohse took off and ended up finishing solo for the win......followed by James Plummer and Mike Painter. 4th & 5th places came down to an all-out uphill sprint between Geno Gruber and Mario Barajas, with Geno just nipping him at the finish line. Some photos of the event can be found here(the good ones were taken by our very own Gino Zahnd - a huge thank you goes out to him and Jeff Ochs for helping out with this one!):

1. Walter Lohse 26:32 (1st Place in the "A" Category)
2. James Plummer 27:37
3. Mike Painter 28:11
4. Geno Gruber 30:40
5. Mario Barajas 30:40 (1st Place in the "B" Category)
6. Forough Molina 31:25 (1st Place in the Women's Category)
7. Clay Johnson 32:15
8. Jim Clark 32:48
9. Tom Murphy 34:10 (1st Place in the Men's Masters 50+ Category)
10. Jeff Davis 37:02
11. Norm Rosene 37:51
Kyle Hartelt DNF - Hamstring issue

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