Monday, March 09, 2009

Chico Airport Practice Criterium Results - March 8th.............

We had a fantastic afternoon yesterday(Sunday) for the Airport Practice Criterium......and with the good weather, we had 22 riders take part in the event. Thank you all for coming out to this one! Unfortunately, my camera's battery died - so I was not able to videotape the finishing order - just got the top 6 placings. The fortunate part was that Team Chico and PowerBar donated some goodies to give out as Primes at this event!

We'll be doing the Airport Criterium again tomorrow night - Tuesday, March 17th - Registration opens at 5:40pm - racing action starts at 6:00pm.

Here are the partial results from yesterday's Criterium:
1. Jeff Galland
2. James Plummer
3. David Kyle
4. Josh Bullock
5. Ben Bryant
6. Ryan Olson
Pack finish:
Christa Ritchey
Kyle Hartelt
David Albrecht
Maggie Jones
Kurt Haskins
Geno Gruber
Jill Hostetter
Joe Shelburne
Jeff Ochs
Jenn Gruber
David Klein
Charlie Dawson
Jesse Rushing
Mike Trowbridge
Eric Ayars
Ken Price
Prime # 1 = PowerBar Hat - won by James Plummer
Prime # 2 = PowerBar Water Bottle - won by Jeff Galland
Prime # 3 = 5 PowerBar Gels - won by Ryan Olson in a lunging sprint!

R.A.T.S. - Rodney's Absurd Training Series
Chico, CA