Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12th River Road Time Trial Results..................

Hi Everyone! So, we had pretty good conditions out there tonight for the 1st River Road 10-Mile Time Trial of the year. Cool, comfortable temperatures, with a bit of a breeze greeted the 14 riders who took part in the event tonight. Thank you ALL for coming out to this one - and we'll be back out there in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we have the Cohasset Mini-Road Race tomorrow night, the Pentz Road Time Trial on Saturday morning and the Aguas Frias Road Race on Sunday morning. Hope to see you out there!!

1. David Albrecht 24:15
2. Eric Ayars 25:56
3. Jeff Ochs 26:33
4. Kyle Hartelt 26:43
5. Tom Embree 27:42
6. Clay Johnson 27:54
7. Joanne Gilchrist 28:24 (1st Place Woman!!)
8. David Dura 28:26
9. Margaret Jones 28:31 (2nd Place Woman!!)
10. Shawn Hughes 29:22
11. Gabrielle Walters 29:50 (3rd Place Woman!!)
12. Jeff Davis 30:18
13. David Welch 31:23
14. Margaret Bomberg 42:10

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