Monday, March 16, 2009

R.A.C.E. Events this week................

Hi Everyone!! Okay, so there are a few little competitive cycling events going on this week around Chico, if you are interested:

Tuesday, March 17th - Tuesday Night Chico Airport Criterium Series - Registration normally starts at 5:40pm on Convair avenue at the Airport - with the event starting at 6:00pm. For the time being, we'll be using our standard Tuesday Night course starting/finishing at Convair Avenue - . Must sign in and wear a helmet in order to compete!!

Wednesday, March 18th - FAST 50 - The long-running "Fast 50" Wednesday night rides!! The starting spot for this ride is in the parking lot of Rosedale Elementary School located at 100 Oak Street here in Chico. The ride leaves promptly at 6:00pm from the parking lot area. Many different levels of cyclists out there, so hook up with someone and enjoy the ride! A map of the course can be found here:

Thursday, March 19th - Aguas Frias 10-Mile Time Trial - The 1st one of the 2009 season! Registration opens at 5:40pm, with the first rider going off at 6:01pm. We will go in 1-minute intervals for this 5-miles out, 5-miles back, all-flat Time Trial. Come on out after work and give this one a shot! A map of this course can be found here - The Start/Finish location of this event is on Aguas Frias Road - just south of Dayton 4-Corners - by the Stop Ahead Sign......look for me at the Start Area with a clipboard.

Friday, March 20th - Humboldt Road Mini-Road Race - Registration will open at 5:45pm on Humboldt Road - just past Stilson Canyon Road - here in Chico. This "mini" Road Race will travel just 4.3 miles up the hill, and climb approximately 940 feet. You will go up to the top of Humboldt, up Hwy. 32 and finish at the 1st hill past Humboldt(there is a Deer Sign near the finish line). This is meant as an after-work little jam up one of our classic local climbs - just to get the legs warmed up for the weekend riding! Short, but sweet - and just go your own pace - no big whoop. I will be out there with a SAG vehicle, and water at the Start and Finish. Hope to see you out at this one!! A map of the course can be found here:

Saturday, March 21st - I'll be at the Land Park Criterium

Sunday, March 22nd - I'll be at the Bariani Road Race.......but will be back for another great week of events......hope to see you out there!

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