Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today's Chico Airport Practice Criterium Results - Feb. 21st............

We were quite lucky in that the rains held off this afternoon while we did the Airport Practice Criterium today, making for a much drier event! We may not be quite so lucky at tomorrow's Messilla Valley Circuit Race.......but we'll still be having may be shortened if it's raining too hard (to 6 laps from the proposed 10 laps).

Okay, we had 14 riders taking part in the Criterium this afternoon - and some great racing action! After placing 5th in the Cherokee Uphill Time Trial this morning, Mike Smith came out to the afternoon Criterium to take the win in a classic solo breakaway! He was followed closely by Ryan Olson and a hard-charging Evan Carroll! Mike Painter, Janeen Thorpe and Ben Bryant were close to follow. During the race, Ryan Olson took the first two Prime laps, while Mike Smith took the 3rd one.

We will be back out at the Chico Airport for one more Practice Criterium next Saturday morning - Feb. 28th. Registration will open at 8:00AM - Racing action will start at 8:30AM.

Preliminary Results from Feb. 21st Airport Criterium:
1. Mike Smith
2. Ryan Olson
3. Evan Carroll
4. Mike Painter
5. Janeen Thorpe
6. Ben Bryant
7. Frank Marinello
8. Colin Moakley (Also raced the Hill Climb this morning!!)
9. Kathie Thornton
10. JJ Besio
DNP: Tim Creswell, David Klein, Tom(didn't catch the last name), Christopher Cook(flatted),

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