Monday, January 12, 2009

Team Chico Tunnels Series this weekend........

Hi Everyone! This is just an announcement that the Team Chico Tunnels Series rides are taking place this weekend - January 17th & 18th, 2009. Please see information below. This should be a great weekend of riding - hope to see you out there!!

CHICO- HIGHWAY 70 TUNNELS-CHICO - 80 MILES: Saturday, January 17th 2009 9:30 AM One Mile Recreation Area

Tunnels… straight up! Test your winter fitness with this Team Chico favorite in to the beautiful Feather River Canyon and to the Hwy 70 Tunnels. A straight out and back heading out Chico-Oro, Durham Pentz, then up Hwy 70 over Yankee Hill and down into the canyon, past Pulga and along the North Fork Feather to the SECOND set of tunnels. All riders in the lead group will tough it out for the first KOM sprint by taking the steep detour up Lunt Rd. near the end of the first climb, then connect back to Hwy 70 and continue towards the tunnels. Sprint #2 will be at the end of the last, long tunnel. Water stop another mile up the road, then back out of the canyon, down to the valley and finish with a final sprint on Chico-Oro just before the bike path.

FIXED GEAR CHALLENGE #2 - PENTZ ROAD - 45 MILES: Sunday, January 18th 2009 10:00 AM One Mile Recreation Area

So fun we had to do it again!! Keep the muscle tension high with this brute of a climb on the FIXED GEAR! Standard Pentz loop with a little suprise cut across Paridise. Pentz may be a grind but save some juice for the whirlwind descend and sprint down Neal Rd!! All bikes welcome but the glory goes to those who suffer on the fixie!!

Notes: These rides are organized for fun(?) and are open to all who are willing to try. This is an out and back ride and people can ride at their own pace and regroup as the leaders are heading back. Come on out and try to make it to the tunnels!! We will try to have a support vehicle(s) but please come prepared, ride with a partner and have a plan to get home. Please dress WARM and bring plenty of food, water and supplies and take responsibility for yourselves. We will have our friends out there, but there will beminimal course markings, no road closures, aid stations or coffee stops, just dogs, squirrels, pickup trucks, and a bunch of bikers on a sweet ride in the cuts! For more info contact Aren at