Monday, February 02, 2009

Paskenta 2009 pics............

Hi Everyone! What a day out there yesterday for Paskenta!! It was awesome seeing all the riders out there - looks like we had around 250 to 300 riders, and more already out on the road. A HUGE thank you goes out to Darren Reichel and the Chico Police Department for the police escort all the way down the Esplanade yesterday morning - that was GREATLY appreciated!!! And also, I would like to thank Geno Gruber and David Kyle for all of their help with food, mechanicals and keeping me sane - I really appreciate all of your help!!

For the "race" portion of the ride, it was Cal Giant's Jesse Moore taking the win for the men and PowerBar's Michelle Beltran taking the victory for the women! Some photos and videos of that part of the event can be found here:

All-in-all, a good event - very windy though!!!

Hope to see you all out there for Paskenta in 2010!!