Sunday, January 11, 2009

Centerville Uphill Time Trial Results............

Hi Everyone! So, this morning was Event #2 in the Butte Hill Climb Time Trial Series - The Centerville To The Gravel Time Trial! Although we had freezing temperatures at the start, we still had 33 riders take part in today's TT. Thank you ALL for coming out to this one - it was awesome to have you all out there, giving this old classic climb a shot!!

A HUGE thank you goes out to our volunteers today helping at the Start Line, Finish Line and for Course Photography - Martha Figueroa, Jeff Cox and Becca Cox - thank you soooo much for your help today!! Y'all rock!!

Some pictures from today's event can be found here: (Thank you to Becca Cox for taking the photos!)

Okay, below are the Combined Results from this morning's Centerville Time Trial. I will send out the Category Standings and Overall Standings for the Butte Hill Climb Time Trial Series later this evening. Event #3 in this Series will take place on Saturday, February 21st - The Cherokee Time Trial (Start at Coal Canyon Road and go up 70, turn at Cherokee, all the way to the little town of Cherokee).

1. Aren Timmel 21:59 (1st Place in Men's Category A)
2. Jesse Rushing 22:46
3. Rich Thurman 22:52
4. Greg Golet 23:03
5. Jim Roberts 23:05
6. Brad Foster 23:49
7. Sean Dugan 23:54
8. Mike Smith 24:11
9. Joe Shelburne 24:37
10. Jim Greenlee 25:39(1st Place in Men's Category B)
11. Greg Watkins 26:32
12. Nathan Younie 27:19
13. Clay Johnson 27:20
14. Tom Embree 27:41 (1st Place in Clydesdale Category)
15. Christine Roberts 27:55 (1st Place in Women's Category)
16. Mike Crumm 28:02 (1st Place in Men's Masters 50+ Category)
17. John Touchette 28:25
18. Walt Schafer 28:42 (1st Place in Men's Masters 60+ Category)
19. Charlie Pelton 29:12
20. Brian Oppy 29:54
21. Margaret Jones 29:55 (1st Place in Junior Women's Category)
22. Jay Rawlins 30:10
23. John D'Ewart 30:50
24. Jeff Nye 31:10
25. Jim Mensching 31:29
26. Jeff Davis 31:55
27. David Dura 32:56
28. Andy Merchant 33:46
29. Diann Harger 33:57
30. Dennis Schmidt 34:53
31. Colin Moakley 35:09
32. Steve O'Bryan 36:15
33. David Watkins 40:12 (1st Place in Junior Men's Category)

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