Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Notes for the upcoming season.........

So, if I were a cyclist living in Chico, I'd be feeling pretty good about the place where I live right about now. You've got multiple people and multiple organizations putting on multiple rides throughout the year. More and more cyclists are coming out of the woodwork here in town, and new riders are popping up every week! We have bike shops all over town, and plenty of roads in which to ride.....and some amazing weather!

And with that, I hope to turn on the competitive juices just a little bit here in the town of Chico with the following R.A.C.E. events listed below - Rodney's Annoying Cycling Events. Remember - these are just local practice events, but are open to all cyclists. The events are free, but donations are always welcome - I can't afford much, so most of the events are pretty low-key. But, during the last couple of years, the events have been growing each and every month. And Casey gave us the okay to use some of them for upgrade points for 5 to 4. I hope to have at least a couple of them as sanctioned events within the next year or two, if possible......but who knows.

These are meant to be fun - and GREAT exercise. And safety comes first(in most cases!!) - so, HELMETS ARE MANDATORY IN ALL EVENTS. No helmet, no entry. Sorry - it's part of our insurance policy too. So, please - wear your helmet.

AND - use these events as practice. Try some new things out there! If you have never tried a Criterium, give it a shot. Never tried a Time Trial - now's your chance! Not sure what a Circuit Race is - well, you can find out now. And other things - try a breakaway, a solo attempt, sprint for a Prime prize, attack on a hill or a descent - try some things you might not normally try in a "real" sanctioned race! Use them for what they are - just some practice club races. So, definitely practice!

I know that some folks will use these events as their entire competitive season for the year - and I love that! But, give a USA Cycling event a shot too - see what it's like to be in a real sanctioned Criterium or Road Race, or even a Stage Race! Use these local R.A.C.E. events as a launching board. This is grassroots cycling at its finest:

Chico Airport Criterium Series - Short-Course - Starts in January 2009!!
Chico Airport Criterium Series - Long-Course - Starts in January 2009!
Airport Criterium Points Races - Starts April 2009 goes periodically until September 2009.
Thursday Night Time Trial Series - 10-miles, 15-miles and 25-miles - Begins March 2009
Meridian Road Time Trials - Starting in April 2009
Criterium "Devil Takes The Hindmost" Races
Butte Hill Climb Time Trial Series - Spring/Summer 2009(some new climbs in this one!)
Chico Uphill TT Series - Fall/Winter 2009
Friday Night Fights - Airport Sprint Competition - Starts May 2009.
2009 25-Mile Time Trial Series - 1 per month - March through September 2009
Nutcracker Omnium - Early September 2009
Dog Days Omnium - August 2009
Rumpstomper Omnium - June 2009
Devil's Kick Omnium - May 2009
Honey Run Omnium - This one has a surprise twist for the "last" stage! - October 2009
Cornucopia Omnium - MTB, Cyclocross & Road - October/November 2009
Butt Butt'r Omnium - 100 Mile RR & 35-mile TT - July 2009
Chico Pursuit Championships - July 2009
Chico 10-Mile TT Series and Championships - Thursday Nights from March through October 2009.
Chico Tuesday Night Airport Criterium Series - Starts April 2009 and goes through September 2009.
Jack & Jill TEAM Time Trial - October 2009
River Road TEAM Time Trial - September 2009
Leesville Gap Road Race - Practice race before the Velo Promo event. - June 2009
Dunnigan Hills Road Race - Practice race before the Velo Promo event. - July 2009
2009 Paskenta Road Race (part gravel) - February 1st, 2009
Team Chico Cutty Series - December 2009
Black Butte Road Race - August 2009
Chico Road Race Championships - July 2009
Chico Road Race Series - Stay tuned for announcement on races/dates. March 2009 through October 2009.
Lindo Channel CycloCross/MTB Series - Throughout the entire year.
North Rim TT - MTB - May 2009
Bidwell Bump - MTB - October 2009
Upper Park Road TT - MTB - 2 to 3 times per year.
Horseshoe Lake Short-Track - MTB Events
Sycamore Channel CycloCross/MTB Events - Short Course & Long Course
Wildwood MTB/Cyclocross Events - Short Course & Long Course
Mutliple "Rodneyums" during the year - weekday Omnium events - including the Tuesday night Airport Criterium, the Wednesday night Fast 50 and the Thursday night Time Trials - Starting in March 2009.....ending September 2009.
2009 Winter Racing Series - 6-race series next winter - Starts October 2009 through Jan. 2010.
Roller Race Series - Fall/Winter 2009.
2009 Chico Alleycat - probably more than 2 during the year.
Chico Downtown Criterium - the big gun!! - September 20th, 2009
Chico Cyclocross Race - another big gun - October 2009
Messilla Valley Circuit Races - probably monthly - February through September 2009.
Grainland Road Race (part gravel) - March, April 2009
Table Mountain Road Races - probably monthly - February through September 2009.
Wheelock Road Race - April 2009
Field of Dreams Time Trial - April 2009
Field of Dreams Stage Race - April 2009
Paskenta Hills Road Race - June 2009
Nelson Road Race - July 2009
North Rim Circuit Race - MTB
The Most Insane Road Race Ever Road Race - bring life support for this one - July 2009.
Forest Ranch TT - the "Case of Sierra Nevada" Challenge! - September 2009.
Jonesville Road Race - June 2009
Jonesville Time Trial - June 2009
Vilas TT - Part of the Butte Hill Climb TT Series.
Sterling City TT - Part of the Summer Hill Climb TT Series.
666 Time Trial Series(I'll change the name - it is basically a 6-mile flat time trial series) - Starts in May 2009.
Keefer Loop TT - Starts January 2009 and throughout the year.
Keefer Road TT - Starts Feburary 2009 and goes throughout the year.
Durham-Ruubay Road Race(think Paris-Roubaix)
Butte City Road Race
Honey Run Road Race - October 2009.
Nimshew Road Race(part gravel)
The T-Shirt Road Race
Cassandra Road Race
Coal Canyon Circuit Race
Rose Avenue Circuit Race
7-Mile Lane Time Trial
50-Mile Airport Twilight Criterium - June 2009
Chico 100-Mile Road Race Series(6 races over 8 month period) - February through October 2009.
Chico Mountain Bike Stage Race - 4 stages, 4 days

.......and the list is actually getting longer and longer. Stay tuned for race dates, information, routes and announcements.Thanks to the Chico Corsa Cycling Club, Team Chico and the Sierra Nevada Brewery for their awesome support of local cycling and local cycling events!!!

R.A.C.E. - Rodney's Annoying Cycling Events
Chico, CA