Sunday, February 22, 2009

Results from this morning's Messilla Valley Circuit Race..........

WOW - what a day out there this morning! Yesterday, it was beautiful and, it was beautiful.....but it was also pouring down rain with strong winds!!! It made for some epic conditions out there at this morning's 6-lap Messilla Valley Circuit Race.........and 12 riders were brave enough to come out to take part in the event!! My hat goes off to all of you - that was watch!!

Let me first give a GINORMOUS Thank You to Christa Ritchey and Forough Molina for bringing out birthday cake for the riders and myself - I can't tell you how much I appreciate it - thank you so so much!!! That was totally cool - and very unexpected - and very appreciated! Thank you!!! And a HUGE thank you to Rich Thurman for driving the Sag vehicle at this morning's event - and keeping the riders safe!!

For some pictures and very shaky videos from this morning's Circuit Race, please visit this website:

And here are the results from this morning's Messilla Valley Circuit Race - in the pouring down rain:

Women's Category:
1. Kim Agur
2. Renee Fiack

Men's Category "B":
1. Brian Strukan
2. Jeff Ochs

Men's Category "A":
1. Kevin Speacht
2. Jeff Galland
3. Sean Dugan
4. Jesse Rushing
5. Mike Painter
6. Mike Castaldo
7. Rob Bishop
8. Mike Trowbridge

The next Messilla Valley Circuit Race is scheduled for Saturday, April 4th - Hope to see you there!!

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