Saturday, January 03, 2009

January 3rd Chico Airport Criterium Results........

Hi Everyone! Thank you all for coming out to the Chico Airport Practice Criterium today at Noon - it was GREAT having you all out there! In all, we had 38 riders take part this morning in this practice event. A HUGE thank you goes out to Mike Peavy, Mike Trowbridge, David Albrecht, Tim Creswell, Jeff Galland and all the other mentors out there helping to teach. We have some pictures of this morning's event here:

We will be back out to the Chico Airport for Practice Criterium #2 next Saturday - January 10th - starting at Noon. Hope to see you there!

And....even though it was just a little practice event, these were the top 5 finishers in each category:

Category B:
1. Matt Itamura
2. Tom Embree
3. Frank Marinello
4. Jeff Ochs
5. Lisa Martens

Category A:
1. Jeff Galland
2. Josh Bullock
3. CJ Humphries
4. Mike Smith
5. Mike Cordova

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