Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sycamore Channel Mountain Bike/Cyclocross Challenge this Sunday........

Hi Everyone! So, this month's Table Mountain Road Race has been postponed.......to next March! So, in its place, we are holding the Sycamore Channel Mountain Bike/Cyclcross Challenge on Sunday - October 26th. Registration will open at 8:45am, with the race/ride starting at 9:00am. The Start/Finish Line is located on the trail at Sycamore Channel in north Chico(in between Hicks Lane and Cohasset Road.....near the Chico Airport), almost directly across the street from my house(yes, I did this one out of convenience.....sorry about that!!). You'll see me out on the Channel trail early in the AM. If you want to drive, you can park at my place - either front or back.......but better yet, ride your bike!!!

The Bikely.com map of this course can be found here - it is about 2 miles in length, includes 4 creek crossings per lap, some natural run-ups, dirt, rocks, water....and hopefully some man-made barriers on the straight sections:


Some photos of the Hicks Lane creek crossing can be found here:


The location to ENTER the Sycamore Channel area from Eaton Road is here:


and the location to ENTER the Sycamore Channel area from Hicks Lane is here:


This race/ride will be 5 laps - we'll see how this first one goes before we decide to do anymore.......or add or subtract....or eliminate entirely.....for this event. If it goes okay, there are options to extend or change this course.

Anyway, hope you can make it out there this Sunday morning!!