Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pentz Road Time Trial Results.......

Hi Everyone! We had another great turn-out today for this morning's Pentz Road Time Trial - thank you all for coming out to this one! We had 29 riders take part in this event - Race #4 in the 10-race Chico Hill Climb Time Trial Series. This course was about 5.8 miles in length and included about 1100 feet of climbing up Pentz Road to Paradise.

The top photo is the Start Line.....and the bottom photos is the Finish Line up in Paradise, California.

I would like to thank Geno Gruber and Elizabeth Brent for helping out with the event this morning - thank you so much for your help and cheering on the riders!! That was great, and very appreciated!!

Below, you will find the combined results for the Pentz Road Time Trial - I will send out the updated Overall Standings for the Chico Hill Climb Time Trial Series a bit later today.

Next Saturday - October 25th - is Race #5 in this Hill Climb Series - the vicious Hors Category climb to the Cohasset Gravel. There has been one slight change in this particular Time Trial next Saturday - the Start Line for this event will be in our usual Cohasset TT spot on Nicalog Road.....NOT Keefer Road. So, the Cohasset Gravel Time Trial course will go from Nicalog Road up to the gravel. The gravel is about 4.5 miles past the Cohasset Store (stay on Cohasset Road, NOT Vilas Road). This climb is approximately 9.1 miles in length.......and climbs approximately 2,900 feet. The map of the Cohasset Gravel Time Trial course is here:

Hope to see you out at that one next Saturday!

Okay, below are this morning's Pentz Road Time Trial results:

1. Mike Smith 21:13 (1st Place in Men's Category A)
2. Jim Roberts 21:32
3. Greg Golet 21:41
4. Sean Molina 22:42
5. Roy Steves 23:02
6. Kyle Hartelt 23:13 (1st Place in Men's Category B!)
7. Brad Foster 23:21
8. Eric Ayars 23:53
9. Mike Jamison 24:10 (1st Place in Mens Masters 50+ Category!)
10. Josh Rowe 24:17
11. Rob Bishop 24:20
12. Greg Watkins 24:21
13. Mike Trowbridge 24:59
14. Tom Embree 25:10 (1st Place in Clydesdale division!)
15. Jeff Dailey 25:11
16. Ross Nayduch 25:32
17. Kim Agur 25:35 (1st Place Woman and 1st Place in Womens Masters 50+ Category!!)
18. Mike Watson 25:37
19. Lee Altier 25:45
20. Greg Kallio 25:50
21. Lau Ackerman 25:51
22. Tony Mainz 25:56
23. Bill Brent 26:16
24. Clay Johnson 26:25
25. Jim Mensching 27:21
26. Dan Dominguez 27:52
27. Kathie Thornton 28:34
28. Janine Rood 28:42
29. Skip Lees 29:55