Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thursday Night Cyclocross/MTB this Thursday.....

Hi Everyone! This Thursday night - October 23rd - at 6:00pm we will be having the Thursday Night Cyclocross/Mountain Bike race/ride! Thanks to James Plummer - he scouted out a great cross course in Lindo Channel here in Chico. The course has a little bit of everything - natural barriers, run-ups, single track, pavement, some rocks, a creek crossing, dirt and even a bike path! You can come out and ride it on your mountain bike or cyclocross bike - just whatever you might have. As of now, it is still light outside at 6:00pm.......but by 7:00pm it is dark........so lights are highly recommened, especially as we get further into Fall and Winter. Last week's event was great - looked like a TON of fun out there!!! And you don't have to "race" it - just come out and ride!!!

The Starting Point for the ride/race will be at the entrance to the bike path where Sheridan and Sherman Avenues meet, on East Lindo Avenue. See Map of Starting Point here:


We're looking at anywhere between 6 and 8 laps for this event. James will show you the course on the warm-up lap......but we'll have cones and caution tape up too to remind you which direction to go on the course.

This promises to be a fun and very active event - hope you can make it out there!!