Monday, October 20, 2008

Old School.....New School.......

I'll tell ya, I hate politics - I really do. But when you combine politics into the cycling world.....geesh......that makes me barf.

We've got a quite a few old school folks riding around these parts. In a way, I love these folks - they're full of history and knowledge and experience - and I, myself, am part of that group too. But one thing that I accept - and which seems to get me into a lot of trouble now and again with certain old school folks - is that I fully and wholly embrace the new school rider/ideas. There are certain old school folks in these parts who don't like this - and don't embrace it. They feel it's a "challenge" to their "rightful" spot in the local cycling circles. They feel threatened. They don't like it.

To me, this is complete bullshit. How in the hell can new cycling folks and new cycling groups in your own town hurt? It can't - we're all in "this" together, for crissakes. It's a fukkin' recreational sport/activity/community we're in! And we're in it together. Yes, I am one of those Fred dorks who waves at everyone on a bicycle - I feel like they're my family. I don't need the elitist attitudes of the old days......and I don't need to view every new ride, rider, club, group, coalition or whathaveyou as being a "threat" or a stupid idea. They're an addition to a beautiful activity we're all involved in and I welcome them with open arms.

Yes, I have old school blood in me. But, so what? I love cycling - and the more people doing it, the better. Simple as that. As for politics - leave that to the politicians.