Friday, October 17, 2008

"Yeah, you may have saved him, but........"

Warning.....Friday Rant ahead:

I love cycling. I mean, anyone who knows me or reads this here bloggy thing or sees my Flickr Pics or reads my Facebook page knows I love cycling. I grew up in it, I was raised in it, I have lived most of my 40-year-old life involved in cycling in some way or another.......primarily right here in Chico, California. And you know, there's not much that can put a damper on my enthusiasm for this sport. You might see or be involved in a crash now and again that puts a dent in your motivation for it......but overall, you still love it. Drug scandals and crazy drivers and everything else......but we still do this sport/activity we love.

But I'll tell you the one thing that really does squish my excitement for this great activity. It's people who are so anal, they can't see what others are doing to help. It's like, Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon........his student is watching Bruce's hand pointing up to the moon.....but Bruce slaps him and says "Don't think; feel. It's like a finger pointing away to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger, or you will miss all that heavenly glory." It's like saying to someone "Yeah, you may have saved that guy from dying with your CPR skills......but in the process, you busted one of the buttons on his shirt."

Fuk. Are you kidding me?? THAT is what you are going to complain to me about?? Please....get a perspective on things. Look around you - do you see what is going on in Chico cycling at the moment?? It's called a "resurgence".....look it up.

So, yeah, I busted one of the buttons on the shirt. BFD.

Okay, Friday rant over - thanx for letting me vent!!