Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sycamore Channel Cyclocross/Mountain Bike Results........

Hi Everyone! So, we had a fun ride this morning out at the 1st ever Sycamore Channel Mountain Bike/Cyclocross event. 15 riders showed up for this one, and we had a few spectators too! The Sycamore Channel Long Course this morning was 2 miles in length, and we did 5 laps......each lap included 4 creek crossings(no water in the channel.......yet), a few handmade barrier sections, and some steep banks to get up and over. But, the word of the day was FUN - and that's what we had! Well.........Fun....and the second word of the day was FLAT! There were a few flats out there too - good idea to stock up on some flat protection slime or something.

Overall, the event went very well, and was a lot of fun - and a great workout with minimal time. David Albrecht was the 1st place finisher today with a time of 37:41. Jeff Baylor was second - and let me tell you - it was a blast to watch Jeff BUNNY HOP over the 56cm high barriers on the course! Amazing! And Sandra Barton came in 1st in the Women's division!

Thank you all for coming out to this one - I really appreciate you coming out for this event!

A HUGE thank you goes out to Dave Steindorf, Denny McKenney and Caryn Jones for helping out with the race this morning - thank you so much!!

We'll be back out on the Sycamore Channel course on Tuesday night. However, we will be using the "Short" course Tuesday night, which is only .7 miles will include hand-made barriers(lower than the 56cm ones!!) and two creek crossings per lap. We'll start out with a 12 lap event, for a total of 8.4 miles - with the main objective just to HAVE FUN, and get a good little workout in after work or school, and work on a little bike-handling skills. The race/ride will start at 6:00pm at the same start location - on Sycamore Channel, directly across the street from 695 Eaton Road(MUST enter through the gates on Eaton Road or Hicks Lane). Lights are HIGHLY recommended - for this course, you don't need anything too high-powered......just something basic will more than suffice. The map of the Tuesday course is here:

And, again, Sycamore Channel runs between Cohasset Road and Hicks Lane......just north of Eaton Road......look for me at the Start/Finish location up on the levee(with the Orange Cones).

And, yes, we'll be out doing the Lindo Channel Cyclocross/MTB event on Thursday night at 6:00pm as well!

Okay, here are the results from this morning's ride/race:

1. David Albrecht 37:41
2. Jeff Baylor
3. Roy Steves (he even flatted during the race, fixed it....and still got 3rd!)
4. Ross Nayduch
5. Dave Steindorf
6. Jeff Ochs
7. Paul Price (flatted during race, fixed it and got back in)
8. Brooks Biertumpfel
10. Lau Ackerman (flatted twice)
11. Ray Bransky
12. Sandra Barton (1st place Woman!!)
13.Samuel Bransky
14. Renee Fiack
DNF - Mike Trowbridge (flatted)