Saturday, October 25, 2008

Results from the Cohasset Gravel Time Trial........

Top picture = Finish Line
Bottom picture = Start Line at Nicalog Road.
Hi Everyone! This morning was the 1st Annual Cohasset Gravel Time Trial - from Nicalog Road up to the gravel road in Cohasset, California.......about 9.1 miles long and about 2,900 feet in elevation gain. We had 29 riders take part in the event this morning - thank you ALL for coming out to this one! And a HUGE Thank You goes out to Jay Rawlins for starting the riders off this morning - your help was greatly appreciated - thank you Jay!! And thanks to Mark Bloom and his wife Pat for driving up to the finish to cheer the riders on......even with his broken collarbone! Hope it heals up quickly and easily Mark - we're wishing you a super speedy recovery!!

Okay, below are this morning's Combined Results from the hill climb Time Trial this morning. This was Race #5 in the 10-race Chico Hill Climb Time Trial Series. Next Saturday - November 1st - will be Race #6 - the Centerville Time Trial! This morning's climb was an "Hors" Category climb - the only one in the Series. Quite a few points were up for grabs today - but most of all, it was just a beautiful ride up there this morning!! I will send out another e-mail this afternoon with the updated Hill Climb Time Trial Standings. Hope to see some or all of you out at the Sycamore Channel MTB/Cyclocross event tomorrow morning! Remember too - anyone can come out to challenge themselves at these events - they're FREE and are great training!!
And......get ready for Chico's own Friday Night Fights cycling event.......details out soon!

Now, the Combined Results from this morning:

1. Mike Smith 42:42(1st Place Men's A Category!)
2. Greg Golet 44:15
3. Kyle Hughes 44:33
4. Jim Roberts 45:07
5. Sean Molina 46:42
6. Brad Foster 48:36
7. Eric Ayars 49:36(Tie)
7. Kris Blee 49:36 (1st Place Clydesdale Category!)
8. Mike Jamison 50:50 (1st Place Men's Masters 50+ Category)
9. Kyle Hartelt 50:54 (1st Place in Men's Category B)
10. Greg Watkins 51:59
11. Ross Nayduch 53:07
12. Graham Maxwell 53:38
13. Tom Embree 53:45
14. Lee Altier 54:46
15. Kim Agur 54:52 (1st Place Woman!!!)
16. Mike Trowbridge 54:59
17. Greg Kallio 55:02
18. Mike Watson 55:59
19. Josh Rowe 56:00
20. Kathie Thornton 56:25
21. Clay Johnson 56:44
22. Elizabeth Brent 58:03
23. Bill Brent 58:29
24. Janine Rood 59:00
25. Tony Mainz 59:18
26. Jim Mensching 61:51
27. Skip Lees 1:04:28
28. Jeff Davis 1:07:24