Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lindo Channel MTB/Cyclocross Results for Oct. 30th.......

Hi Everyone! So, yes, we had a rainy and somewhat muddy.....but not too muddy......Lindo Channel Cyclocross/Mountain Bike event tonight at 6pm. We had 8 riders take part in the event tonight - and a few spectators too. Tonight's race was just 6 laps, instead of the normal 8......and word of warning for future weeks - bring lights!! Even something cheap that can light your way is better than nothing. The rain made the course almost perfect for this event tonight, keeping the dust in check, but not creating tons of mud.

Okay, here are the results from tonight's event:

1. Nate Younie 32:00
2. Tom Embree 34:00
3. Greg DeGouveia
4. Dave Steindorf
5. Jeff Ochs
6. Charlie Pelton
7. Gino Zahnd
8. Roy Steves (Shoe mechanical)