Monday, January 23, 2006

Yes, I have an obsession.....

.....or maybe it is just an infatuation with this particular bicycle. Call me kooky, call me crazy....for whatever reason, I kinda dig it. Well, that is until I got this e-mail from Seven Cycles this morning:

Hello Rodney,

Thank you for your interest in Seven Cycles. We look forward to working with you and your authorized Seven dealer to design your perfect Seven when you are ready. The Race models are designed for race specific riding and therefore are quite stiff and agile compared to our SG frames. If your primary riding focus will be criteriums, we can design your Elium Race to be very agile when cornering. We recommend talking with your local Seven dealer to better compare your existing Trek to our Elium frame models.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our frames for the original owner. This warranty does not cover damage as a result of a crash. If your frame is damaged in a crash, we will work with you and your authorized dealer to repair the frame if possible, for a nominal cost. Please note the Elium is not warranted for use on a fixed rear wheel trainer. If you are training indoors, the Elium is appropriate for use on rollers only.


Scott Rosenthal Customer Service Seven Cycles, Inc.
T: (617) 923-7774 ext. 39 F: (617) 923-7757

Oh, I see. Okay, thanks Scott. So, if I were to spend $8,000 on this bicycle, I could never ride it on that cool fluid trainer or mag trainer I have in my laundry room(aka - the bike gym). But I can ride it on rollers. Hmmmm. Cool - I love rollers. But I'll tell you what - for the price of that 1 bicycle, I could have 3 of these....1 for the fluid trainer, 1 for the road, 1 for the rain. And, of course, my $8,000 roller riding bike.