Sunday, January 22, 2006


This article on training for racing is pretty good. I grew up watching these two fine people race bicycles and I always thought they were awesome riders. The one thing that bothers me at times about some of the new training ideas nowadays are the ones that have you saying, "Oh, sorry guys, I can't go out with you tomorrow on that epic 3 hour multiple hill climb ride because my schedule says I need to do 1 hour of Zone 1, with a 10 minute stretch of 110 RPMs. Maybe next time though." Uh, okay.

Back then, it was more like "Hey, we're goin' out ridin' today - probably do 3 or 4 hours and climb this Mt. Everest climb, followed by Hell Hill repeats. Wanna go??" Answer: "When are we leaving?" Call it, I don't know, the Bob Roll training method. Hey, it worked for Lance on his way back from cancer. And obviously, it has worked for many others as well.

I'm not saying that the new training methods don't work - they do. But after reading this article , it reminded me of one of the primary reasons....if not THE primary reason....we are in this sport - to have fun! ;) And if having fun means blowing off your prescribed training schedule for a day or two in order to ride with your buddies - I'd rather ride with my buddies.....'cause there's no guarantee I'll be able to ride with them tomorrow or next time.