Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Day In The Life Of Dan Boyce.....

Woke up early, went to cycling shed out in the backyard, got on the rollers on my fixed-gear bike and rode 52x14 for 1 hour.
Showered, got dressed.
Rode bike half an hour to work.
Worked at hospital - and ate raw cabbage.
Lunch time = Riding road bike 45 minutes.
Back to work - continued eating raw cabbage.
Work day now over = 60 minute road ride after work before going home.
Home - Time for dinner......noodles with no sauce or anything on them. Just noodles.....and water.
Kids bedtime? Great - Time for another hour on rollers in a 52x14.

And the weekend:
Got up at 6am and did an hour on rollers in a 52x14.
Ate breakfast.
Time for ride = 1.5 hours out on the road bike pushing a 53x13 over hills and all.
Back home = shower time and lunch.
After lunch = 1.5 hours on the fixed gear no-brake road bike, pushing a 52x14, hills and all.
Back home = time to mow the lawn.
Dinner = more noodles....and water.
Kids bedtime? Great - Time for another hour on rollers in a fixed 52x14.

Day after day - 365 days per year. The only morning not doing rollers - Christmas Day.

To this day, I am dumbfounded how Dan did this schedule. Talk about a strong rider. We went out riding one day in Santa Rosa, California - he puts it in his 53x13 on the flats, and that was that......pulled away from me and he was gone. He was one of those dudes who could drop you on the flats - even while you're drafting him. He just pulls away......ala Rich Thurman. He had National Masters Champion written all over him.

I know I couldn't do this type of schedule - a little too OCD for me. But man, I would like to have his ability on the bike! And to the scum that stole Dan's brand new Kestrel back in the day when Kestrel actually made cool bikes - I hope you rot in eternal flat tires, bent rims and cracked frames.