Friday, January 20, 2006

Okay, my legs hurt.....

So, I did three days in a row of fairly good riding - not very long, but pretty intense. And today - of course - my body is paying the price. I was having a hard time getting out of bed this morning - and my lovely wife actually brought me a mug of Peets to drink while I was still in bed - God, I love that woman! So, after chugging the mug of Peets, I got out of bed, legs stiff and sore, and managed to roll into the kitchen to get yet another mug of Peets. All day at work, I was dragging. Came home, wanting to hit the rollers for an hour to loosen up - but instead, a 2-hour nap was the next item on the agenda. Man, that is whacked.

I love to ride - and I love the intensity training - but you can't do it everyday. Your body needs to rest and recover. Think I'll do a recovery ride tomorrow and work on those crit cornering techniques again - or maybe some time on the rollers - or both! In any case, I would say its been a good week of riding so far. And you know, I could get use to those Peets-in-bed mornings!