Friday, February 27, 2009

Fast 50 & Airport Criterium Update...........

Hi Everyone! Okay, right now we are planning on holding the Airport Practice Criterium on Saturday(February 28th) at 8:30am, if it doesn't rain. Registration will open at the usual spot on Convair Avenue at 8:15am. The Category "A" group will go 45 minutes PLUS 3 laps. The Category "B" group will go 40 minutes PLUS 3 laps. I promise to have a Cowbell out there this time - I know last time you couldn't hear my keys jingling for the Prime laps! Speaking of Prime laps - we will probably do a few of those during the event, but just for practice......and to get use to the feel of them. Again this is just a practice event, so no big whoop. RAIN or WET PAVEMENT cancels.

The Tuesday Night Airport Criterium Series is scheduled to begin again on Tuesday, March 10th at about 6pmish. The Time Change happens on Sunday, March 8th - Spring forward One Hour - so hoping to have just enough daylight out there to run the Crits. I will have more information as we get closer to the event.

The map of the Airport Criterium short-course is here(we'll also be running the long-course Crits on selected Tuesday night and Saturday/Sunday Criterium races):

With the time change happening on Sunday, March 8th, the official start of the long-running "Fast 50" Wednesday night rides will be happening on March 11th! The starting spot for this ride is in the parking lot of Rosedale Elementary School located at 100 Oak Street here in Chico. The ride leaves promptly at 6:00pm from the parking lot area. A map of the course can be found here:

Hope to see you out there!!

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