Sunday, March 01, 2009

Chico Airport Practice Criterium Results..........

Hi Everyone! We had a great morning out at the Chico Airport Practice Criterium yesterday morning, and I would like to thank all the riders for coming out to this one! We had a total of 18 riders take part in this one. The riders did 45 minutes plus 3 laps, for a nice little Saturday morning workout!

Some pictures and videos of the event can be seen by clicking on this link:

Below are the Preliminary results from yesterday morning's event:

1. David Albrecht
2. Paul Sajben
3. Roy Steves
4. Steve Vickery
5. Mike Painter
6. Mike Smith
7. Mike Trowbridge
8. Evan Carroll(flatted at start)
9. Tim Creswell (just a couple laps late)
Prime Laps taken by: 2 by David Albrecht, 1 by Tim Creswell

1. Tom Embree
2. Frank Marinello
3. Maggie Jones
4. David Klein
5. Daniel Henning
6. Christa Ritchey
7. Kathie Thornton
DNP: Jeff Ochs, Molly Trek1000(sorry, didn't catch the last name Molly!)
Prime Laps taken by: 1 by Frank Marinello, 1 by Tom Embree and 1 by Jeff Ochs

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