Friday, November 07, 2008

Night MTB/Cross.....

What a GREAT night out there Thursday night for mountain biking and cyclocross. Our Lindo Channel event was truly awesome only wish is that more riders would take part in it. Last night, the weather was great - not cold, not warm, no wind, moon lighting the way, the course was slightly damp but not was just a great night to be out there. So, in honor of that, I extended the race....and made it a 55-minute event tonight. But.......only 4 riders took part......and 3 spectators!

Here are the results:

1. Tim Olson
2. Roy Steves
3. Ross Nayduch
4. David Kyle

I know the weather won't be like this for the remaining weeks.....but it was great for last night.

One bad part - after the race, when I was out on the course picking up all the cones, there was a BAD 4-car crash right next to the race course. Pretty vicious wreck. Not sure of the injuries, but both lanes of traffic were blocked - lots of fire engines, police, ambulances and such. Not a good way to end the night.