Sunday, November 09, 2008

Night Circuit Mountain Biking..........

Hi Everyone!! So, I know that quite a few of you will be riding the 24-hour
mountain bike race in Oroville next weekend. To get you ready, we're going to
have a night mountain bike/cyclocross bike ride/race this Tuesday night at the
Floral Avenue Long-Course(all off-road, but does have one bike path). This
Circuit is 2.2 miles in length, does not include barriers or run-ups and is
beginner-friendly. There are a couple of sections of mud(not too bad)........but
that makes it more fun! The course is primarily flat. Notes - bring a light and
your helmet......and either your mountain bike or cyclocross bike. The event
will be 40 minutes PLUS 1 lap. I will give you the elapsed time as we go well as the 1-to-go signal. This is a great course if you are
still trying to get use to using lights at night on your mountain
bike........two sections of the course have some street lightning as
well..........the rest is dark. Cones will mark the turns.

Registration will open at 5:45pm - and the ride/race will start at 6:00pm. I
will be on the field at the intersection of East Lassen Avenue and Floral Avenue
for registration/start.....near the bike path. The Start/Finish is on the
northwest corner of the the corner of East Lassen and Floral

Rain does NOT cancel.

A map of the course can be found here on

Hope to see you out there!!