Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yeah, Dan Boyce is a real guy..... animal on the bike. Some other interesting items about Dan:

Once on a 70-mile ride with my brother, Dan thought he might get thirsty. So, seeing how he NEVER carried water bottles.....or even cages....on his bicycles, he decided to bring a 5 ounce flask of water in his back jersey pocket. That's right - not 50 ounces - but 5 ounces....enough for one sip. And that's all he took - one sip.

Dan's favorite cycling outfit? Shorts and a short-sleeve jersey or skinsuit. 28 degrees outside??? Yeah, whatever. I'll have a jersey and shorts on - that'll be enough. Santa Rosa fog??? Not a problem - my short-sleeve jersey and shorts should protect me.

"A small chainring??? What's that??" Dan only used one kind of chainring - BIG. There was nothing else. It's 52 or higher - or you just don't ride.

His favorite ride? A track bike - yeah, with no brakes and a fixed gear - in a 52x14.....and yes, he would ride it on the road on an almost daily basis.....not to mention the countless hours on the rollers each day.

There's a hill coming up soon? It's 12%?? Well, that's okay - I have a 52x14 as my low gear - I should make it okay(and he did, always, usually dropping everyone).

Once heard from Greg LeMond: "Dan, I hope I am as fit as you are when I am your age!" Greg's age was like 29......Dan was 42. Unfortunately for Greg, although I love him to death, Dan would've whooped him at 42.

Dan's stolen bike: If any of you see a custom painted black Kestrel 500 Sci with full Campy Record - ala late 80s, early 90s - with a Flite saddle on H2o cages and one chainring(53), it might be Dan's.

How many days I lasted on Dan's training schedule??? 1/3 of a day. Did the rollers that morning, commuted to work by bike that morning - and I was done.

Dan was one of those tough guys of cycling. I had never seen anything quite like it before....or since. I felt lucky to have been able to ride with him that one day - I was with him a short time....saw him in his 53x13, noticed his legs muscling it a bit.....and that was that - I was dropped.