Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today's Grainland Road Race - April 10th, 2011

Sunday, April 10th - The Grainland Road Race(In honor of Paris-Roubaix!!) - NOON:

This is a flat 10.6 mile loop.......with a 3-mile stretch of gravel/dirt per lap. I've wanted to put this race on for the last 3 years, but never had a chance to get it going......until now. The Start/Finish location is on Aguas Frias Road - right at the 10-Mile Time Trial Start/Finish spot, just south of Dayton 4-corners. This course is approximately 10.6 miles in length, includes about 59 feet of climbing per lap, and has a 3-mile section of dirt/gravel in it......GREAT training for the upcoming Chico Stage Race. Category "A" & "B" will each do 3 laps of this course - for a total of 31.8 miles. Category "B" will include the Juniors, Women's, Masters and Category "C" riders.....all scored separately. Category "C" & "Juniors" will do just 2 laps of the course. Registration will open at 11:30am - with the Category "A" race going off at NOON - and the Category "B" race going off at 12:02pm. The course follows a Clockwise direction - south on Aguas Frias, west on Grainland Road(the gravel section), north on 7-Mile Lane, east on Ord Ferry Road.....and then back south again on Aguas Frias Road. The turns will be marked with Route Arrows. YES - you road bikes will work great, but you can also use Cyclocross bicycles...mountain bikes....or whatever you might have lying around(a unicycle?). I will have water at the Start/Finish area. A map of this course can be found here:

Hope you can come out to give this one a shot!!
Held Rain or Shine - Also, you can ride the Tour de Ed in the morning....then head out for this one!
ALL proceeds from this race will go to the Chico Cyclist Care Fund!
(40-Point Event for the 2011 Butte Road R.A.C.E. Series)

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