Thursday, April 07, 2011

Devil Takes The HIndmost Criterium - Friday Night!!

Friday, April 8th - The "Devil Takes The Hindmost" Chico Airport Criterium - 6:00PM(As & Bs) & 7:00PM(Cs and Junior Races):

This event will be held at the Chico Airport Criterium course starting at 6:00pm(for As & Bs) and 7:00pm(for Category C and Kids race)! Registration will open at 5:40pm on Convair avenue at the Airport - with the first event starting promptly at 6:00pm. We'll be using our standard Tuesday/Friday Night Chico Airport Criterium course starting/finishing at Convair Avenue:

Now - the format: The "Devil Takes The Hindmost" is a format used in track racing......but we are using it out at the Criterium on this night. The races will go for 30 minutes at first......then, after that point, the rider who crosses the start/finish line LAST each lap will be pulled from the race. Once we are down to 2 riders left per Category, there will be 1 lap to go - and the race will be on. This is a tricky race - you MUST know where you are at all times once we reach the 30 minute mark - KNOW whether or not you are in last place coming across the line......the Devil has a tendency to take the unsuspecting in these races!! If I call you OUT, you must pull out of the race.

The Category C and Juniors Race will go for 20 Minutes PLUS 3 laps, IF there is enough light outside to hold a race. Riders must sign in and wear a helmet in order to compete. Prime Points will count towards the 2011 Chico Airport Criterium Series!
Helmets are mandatory!!
(DOUBLE POINT EVENT in the 2011 Chico Airport Criterium Series!)

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