Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tonight's North Rim Trail mountain bike race results..........

Thank you to everyone who came out to tonight's North Rim Trail mountain bike race!! It was awesome to see all of you out there doing this one!! Tonight's race went up North Rim Trail, down B-Trail to Middle Trail....then Middle Trail back to the Start/Finish line near the North Rim Trail parking area. Below are the results from tonight's race:

1. Brian Larson 47:36
2. Greg Golet 48:23
3. Lowell Moural Jr. 48:54
4. Joaquin Garcia 54:29
5. Ramon Felix 56:56
6. Charlie Pelton 56:57
7. Tom Embree 1:01:26
8. Greg Watkins 1:07:56
9. Nathan Younie 1:27:29
....and a few riders who showed up a bit late, but still had a good time!!

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