Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night Chico Airport Criterium - Tonight, 6pm!

Yes, there is an Airport Criterium tonight at 6pm. If there is enough light, we will try to have a Kids Only race too after the As & Bs.

This will be a Points Race format Criterium - the rider with the most points winning. Lots of point primes - and final sprint points:

FRIDAY, September 25th - FRIDAY Night Airport Criterium - 6:00PM (As & Bs) - Registration normally opens at 5:45pm on Convair avenue at the Airport - with the event starting promptly at 6:00pm. For the time being, we'll be using our standard Tuesday Night course starting/finishing at Convair Avenue - . Category "A" riders will go for 45 Minutes PLUS 3 laps, while Category "B" riders will go for 40 Minutes PLUS 3 laps - Women's Category picked separately. Must sign in and wear a helmet in order to compete. RAIN OR WET PAVEMENT WILL CANCEL THIS EVENT.

Final Sprint points:
1st = 20 points
2nd = 16 points
3rd = 14 points
4th = 12 points
and so on.
Primes will all be worth 5 points - one place Primes only in this one.
Lapping the field = and extra 20 points for each rider able to do it.

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