Saturday, November 15, 2008

Neal Road Time Trial Results.......

Hi Everyone! Well, with this GREAT fall weather, we had almost a perfect day out for this morning's Neal Road Time Trial! 30 riders took part in the event today! Thank you all for coming out to this one. It was great seeing so many of you out there tackling Race #7 in the Chico Hill Climb Time Trial Series.......we only have 3 races left in the Chico Hill Climb Series. Next Saturday will be Race #8 - the Category 1 climb of Table Mountain(Wildflower Century side......from Oroville). Today's Time Trial was a Category 3 climb. I will have the updated Chico Hill Climb Time Trial Standings a bit later today, but I wanted to give you the list of Combined Results first(listed below).

I want to give a HUGE thank you to our volunteers today - Lori Cox and Peggy Selkirk!! Thank you so much for all of your help out there this morning - y'all rock!!

And I know a large Chico contingent is racing and supporting the 24 Hours of Gold Mountain Bike Race taking place in Oroville today and tomorrow - Good Luck to all of you!!! Go get 'em out there!!

Okay, here are the Combined Results from this morning's Neal Road Time Trial:

1. Greg Golet 28:34 (1st Place in Men's Category "A")
2. Jim Roberts 28:57
3. Kris Blee 31:00 (1st Place in Clydesdale Category)
4. Marc Nix 32:03 (1st Place in Men's Category "B")
5. Mike Jamison 32:10 (1st Place in Men's Masters 50+ Category)
5. Graham Maxwell 32:10
7. Kyle Hartelt 32:25
8. Greg Watkins 32:30
9. Eric Ayars 32:39
10. Josh Rowe 33:11
11. Steve Dennis 33:50
12. Mike Watson 33:54
13. Clay Johnson 34:23
14. Tom Embree 34:27
15. Lee Altier 34:49
16. Greg Kallio 35:17
17. Christine Roberts 35:21 (1st Place in Women's Category)
18. Andy Grayson 35:36
19. Mike Trowbridge 35:48
20. Walt Schafer 36:18
21. Bill Brent 36:28
22. Tony Mainz 36:34
23. Dan Dominguez 37:03
24. Jeanne O'Regan 37:24 (Happy Birthday Jeanne!!!)
25. Jim Mensching 37:49
26. Kathie Thornton 38:44
27. John Hoffman 38:53
28. Sarah Johnson 39:42
29. Skip Lees 40:03
30. Jeff Davis 41:00

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