Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Back in the day - like, early 1980s(81, 82, 83) - I owned a modified cyclocross bicycle. I LOVED it! Cyclocross is one of those sports that has a very high pain level, but a HUGE fun level too. One of the hardest rides I had ever done is riding my cyclocross bike up North Rim(those from these parts probably think I've lost my mind). I rode up that trail and back down, and absolutely obliterated my cyclocross wheels. But you know what? It was hella fun!!! And I continued riding that bike everywhere - it was my do-everything bicycle.

Now, years later, I miss that bike. I sold it one year during a yard sale. It was one of those not-into-cycling-anymore years - yes, dark years indeed. Which only means one thing - gotta get another one. I've had my eye on this one for the last month. Of course, it may not compare to my old 80s bike.......but I would certainly like to find out.