Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bike Lust.....

I pretty much suffer from a condition called "Bike Lust". I lust over bicycles all of the time. Sometimes my wife thinks it's pretty hilarious, but annoying too.....and sometimes I think she gets a little jealous. But nothing can ever replace my wife - I love her!

But, I love bicycles too. Here are the bikes I am currently lusting over at the moment:

Everything from these guys.
This bike from these guys.
But I like this one too.
I use to hate this bike, but for whatever reason, I love it now....although in the 2005 paint.
Love this bike.
And this frame too.
And for commuting, running errands, training on rollers, etc., I would really love to have this bike, this bike, and this one too for cross sessions in the levee course across the street from our house. I've been really impressed with this company lately. I think they're really using their brains in the production of very useful bicycles.
I love these bikes too! And these.

But there are some bicycles out there that I think are just ugly as sin. And then there are some out there that are just beautiful!

If I had to choose one road bike right now though, it would probably be this one.

And one mountain bike.

But realistically, can you own just one bike? Sure, but why????