Thursday, October 06, 2011

R.A.C.E. Events this next week.............

R.A.C.E. Events for this next week:

Thursday, October 6th - The Aguas Frias 10-Mile Time Trial - 6:00pm - FINAL Thursday Night Time Trial of 2011

Sunday, October 9th - The Chico Velo Fallflower Century - 7:00am

Tuesday, October 11th - The Bidwell Forest Short-Track Mountain Bike Race - 6:00pm

All the R.A.C.E. Events are FREE to enter - the goal is to get you out there on your bicycles for fun & fitness!!

For some photos and videos of R.A.C.E. Events, please visit the following link:

Thursday, October 6th - The Aguas Frias 10-Mile Time Trial - 6:00PM - FINAL Thursday Night Time Trial of 2011!:
Registration will open at 5:30pm, with the first rider going off at 6:01pm. We will go in 1-minute intervals for this 5-miles out, 5-miles back, all-flat Time Trial. Come on out after work and give this one a shot! A map of this course can be found here:
The Start/Finish location of this event is on Aguas Frias Road - just south of Dayton 4-Corners - by the Stop Ahead Sign......look for me and the at the Start Area. And remember - if you are running late to get to the start, it is OKAY - I will still start and time you!(Well, as long as you don't get there around 9pm or so.....I might be gone by then ;) This will be the last Thursday night Time Trial this year.
Helmets are mandatory!
(10-point event in the 2011 Chico Time Trial Series!)

Sunday, October 9th - The Chico Velo Fallflower Century Bicycle Ride - 7:00AM:
From the Chico Velo Website: Showcasing some of the most beautiful bike routes in Butte County - especially during the month of October! 4 routes are offered for this newer ride in the Chico Velo Century Series - a 100-mile route, a 75-mile route, a 50-mile route and a 10-mile route!
The Fallflower 100 will have riders go up to the small hillside community of Cohasset (elevation 2,000 feet), before heading back down to Chico for the 1st rest stop(at the Elks Lodge/Manzanita Place). From there, we head up the famous(and infamous!) Honey Run Road climb to Paradise! We'll stop at the Paradise Community Park for the 2nd rest stop.......before climbing up and up and up to Lovelock via Coutelenc Road! From there, we'll head down Pentz Road.....before stopping at the Durham Park for the final rest stop. An easy stroll through Bidwell Park will bring riders back to Manzanita Avenue - and to the finish at the Elks Lodge/Manzanita Place. Total mileage is 100, with about 4,600 feet of total climbing! For an online map of the Fallflower 100 route, please visit:

The Fallflower 75 follows the exact same route as the Fallflower 100 - except for the Cohasset climb. You will ride up the classic climb of Honey Run Road - take Pearson Road over to Pentz Road - then up Pentz Road to Coutelenc.....and up and up and up! The 75-mile route is one of the most popular rides among local cyclists. The route climbs approximately 3,300 feet. For a map of the Fallflower 75 route, please visit:

The Fallflower 50 eliminates the Cohasset and Lovelock(Coutelenc) climbs. After the Honey Run Road climb, riders will take Pearson Road in Paradise over to Pentz Road.....then follow the Fallflower 100 riders back to Durham, then to Chico. Total mileage is 50, with about 1,800 feet of total climbing. For a map of the Fallflower 50 route, please visit:

The Fallflower 10 is a ride for everyone! From Manzanita Place, the riders will head to Bidwell Park for an autumn-time loop around this scenic environment - before heading to Upper Park for a quick stop at Horseshoe Lake! From there, the riders will go back to the start/finish location at Manzanita Place(Elks Lodge)! Total mileage is about 10, with no climbing! :) For a map of the Fallflower 10, please visit:

START/FINISH: Manzanita Place, 1705 Manzanita Avenue, Chico, CA 95926.
Start time between 7am - 9am, check-in is required.

Tuesday, October 11th - The Bidwell Forest Short-Track Mountain Bike Race - 6:00pm:
It's finally back!! We plan on holding this event throughout the fall and winter......and spring....and summer, if possible(on different nights). :) This race will start on the north side of the 5-Mile Recreation Area - near the dirt parking lot. Registration will open at 5:30pm for the 6:00pm start. The course will run through the single-track trails in "The Forest" in Upper Bidwell Park. This is an area just north of the 5-Mile Area - in between the 5-Mile and the entry to the North Rim Trail Parking Area. The course is VERY shaded and cool, and is about 1.1 miles in length per lap......and is almost all single-track. The race will start and finish near the dirt parking area on the north end of 5-Mile, will be 40 minutes PLUS 2 laps. And, again, the course is about 1.1 miles in length, very shaded, and is ALL FLAT - no hills. The Course will be marked with flour arrows on the ground. We will race the course for 40 minutes, at which point I will give you the 2 laps to go sign. GREAT for beginners, Juniors, cyclocrossers - or those just wanting to get out on your mountain bikes for a spin! Can definitely use a cyclocross bike(Scott Heather won the race the 1st week and 3rd week of this event on a cyclocross bike) - or even a road bike if you wanted - but is a mountain bike race. I will bring out ice water, as usual. For an approximate map of the course, please visit the MapMyRide link at:
Helmets are mandatory!
(Part of the 2011 Mountain Bike R.A.C.E. Series!)

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