Wednesday, April 07, 2010

R.A.C.E. Events for April 8th - April 11th...........

Thursday, April 8th - Aguas Frias 10-Mile Time Trial - 6:00pm (Part of the 2010 Chico Time Trial Series)

Friday, April 9th - Friday Night Chico Airport Criterium - 6:00pm(for As & Bs) & 7:00pm(for Category "C" & Junior racing) (Part of the 2010 Spring Chico Airport Criterium Series)

Saturday, April 10th - Forest Ranch-to-Lomo Uphill Time Trial - 9:00am (Event #13 in the Butte Hill Climb Time Trial Series)

Sunday, April 11th - Messilla Valley Circuit Race - 9:00am (Part of the 2010 Chico Road R.A.C.E. Series)

Sunday, April 11th - The KIDS ONLY Chico Airport Criterium - 3:00pm (Part of the 2010 Chico Criterium Series)