Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fri., Sat. & Sun. R.A.C.E. Events in Chico..............

FRIDAY, July 24th - FRIDAY Night Airport Criterium - 6:00PM (As & Bs) & 7:00PM (Cs) - Double Point Night (Lots of points!)!!! Registration normally opens at 5:45pm on Convair avenue at the Airport - with the event starting promptly at 6:00pm. For the time being, we'll be using our standard Tuesday Night course starting/finishing at Convair Avenue - . Category "A" riders will go for 50 Minutes PLUS 3 laps, while Category "B" riders will go for 45 Minutes PLUS 3 laps - Women's Category picked separately. Lots of Point Primes offered in this one!! Must sign in and wear a helmet in order to compete. RAIN OR WET PAVEMENT WILL CANCEL THIS EVENT. (Part of the 2009 Chico Airport Criterium Series!)

**** One Note About This FRIDAY Night's Airport Criterium - July 24th - 7:00PM - will also have a Category "C" race going off at 7:00PM. The "C" race will be 30 minutes + 3 laps. If you are intimidated by the Criterium and/or the speeds out there, this is the Category to get a feel for what's going on without the crazy speeds. No other Category races will be on the course - just Category "C" - so you can get used to the course, etc. The event MAY be mentored as well, depending upon whether ANY Category "A" or highly-ranked Category "B" riders(basically, any top 10 riders in the Current Standings in the "B" Category) are available to mentor. A mentor basically sits in with your group during the race, giving you basic pointers and helpful advice to keep you safe, skilled and sound during the event - and for future events. Mentors must meet with me prior to the event - so, if you would like to volunteer to be a Criterium Mentor, see me at the race on Friday Night or e-mail me prior to the Event - .

Saturday, July 25th - Table Mountain Road Race - 8:00AM - 2 LAPS = 50 MILES & 4,100 FEET OF CLIMBING!! - TROPHY EVENT - This particular course was first used by the Chico Velo Cycling Club as a USCF RR course in 1984 during the Chico Omnium(which also included the 7-Mile Lane Time Trial and the Chico Downtown Criterium that year). Most groups did 2 laps of this course, but the Cat.1/2 guys did 3 or 4. Unlike the last time we did this race(in May), we will be doing 2 laps this time around. 2 Laps = 50 Miles & 4,100 feet of climbing!!! I will have water bottles at the Start/Finish Line this time around and will try to hand off as many bottles as possible during the event as you come in to finish your first lap. The course preview is located on here - and you can see the Course Profile by clicking on "Show" in the top left-hand corner........then clicking on "Elevation Profile": Like the Messilla Valley Circuit Race, this will have a Category "A" and a Category "B". The Start/Finish Line is located on Table Mountain Boulevard right by Table Mountain Ranch Road(see Bikely Map - this was the Start/Finish Line for the 1984 race as well - I'll be out there early, so look for the registration table). Each Category will do 2 laps = 50 miles. Registration will open at 7:30AM with Category A going off at 8:00AM........and Category B going at 8:03AM. Women's Category will be scored separately. Parking is available on the unfinished freeway overpass at the Start/Finish Line.
Now, a word of warning - This course goes in a clockwise direction - meaning that you will be climbing up to Cherokee from Hwy. 70. Although the hill does not seem quite as difficult as from the other side(the Wildflower Century side), the descent off Table Mountain will be quite tricky. Make certain that your bicycle is in good working order and that you are comfortable on technical descents. The Road Race course goes through amazingly diverse sections and is quite scenic - but please look out for one another and for yourselves, especially on the descent and on the Highway. All USCF rules apply, as usual - you know, don't do stupid stuff, WEAR A HELMET, obey the centerline, etc. Route Arrows will mark the course as well. Bottle hand ups and Feed Zones will be primarily dependent upon volunteers - Feed Zone is pretty much anywhere on the course. However, I will be bringing more water bottles for the Start/Finish Area!! Sag vehicles will be solely dependent upon volunteers as well. I will be sweeping the course at the end as well - so if I don't see you back at the Finish, I'm coming to get you! Trophy Event (BIG Point Event of the 2009 Chico Road R.A.C.E. Series)

Sunday, July 26th - Hwy. 32 DOWNHILL Time Trial - 8:00AM - The 3rd race in the DOWNHILL Time Trial Series - the Hwy. 32 Downhill Time Trial! The Start for this event begins further east(up the road) from the intersection of Hwy. 32 and Humboldt Road. The course is approximately 4.1 miles in length and drops about 938 feet. Look for me on the side of the road(there is an inlet for parking vehicles - look for me in the van or RACEmobile). Registration will open at 7:30am - and the first rider will go off at 8:01am. We will go in 1-minute intervals. The finish is near the Stop Ahead Sign/Signal towards the bottom of the hill on Hwy. 32. For a map of this course, please visit: (Race #3 in the Chico Downhill TT Series)

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