Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 Time Trials tomorrow in Chico.................

Oh yeah....and that Tour de France TT too!!:

Thursday, July 23rd - River Road 10-Mile Time Trial - 6:00AM - Beat the heat!!! YES, an early morning version to get your workout in before the day begins!!! Registration will open at 5:45am, with the first rider going off at 6:01am. We will go in 1-minute intervals for this 5-miles out, 5-miles back, all-flat Time Trial. This classic Chico Time Trial course has been used for the last 29+ years. Come on out before work and give this one a shot! WORD OF WARNING - to quote Elmer Fudd, we will be vewy vewy quiet!!! An extremely rough draft of this course can be found here - (yes, the course is really 10 miles, not 9.9). And if you look at the Elevation might tell you why coming back always seems a bit tougher than going out! (Part of the 2009 Chico 10-Mile Time Trial Series!) Rain does not cancel!

Thursday, July 23rd - Meridian Road 10-Mile Time Trial - 6:00PM - A newer course to try out in the 10-Mile Time Trial Series. We'll be heading to Meridian Road, just north of Chico for this one. This is a straight 5-mile out, 5-mile back in Time Trial - the course has approximately 130 feet of total climbing....primarily on the way out. Registration will open at 5:40pm with the first rider going off at 6:01pm. We will be going in 1-Minute Intervals. You must sign in at the start! The Start/Finish Line is just past the left sweeper turn on Meridian Road......the turn-around is before you get to Lassen Road(this is the same section of Meridian used on the Paskenta Century). Riders will travel north for 5 miles, then back south for 5 miles. An approximate map of this course can be found here: Look for me at the Starting location with the RACEmobile(the greenish Mitsubishi POS car) and the clipboard. (Part of the 2009 Chico 10-Mile Time Trial Series!)

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