Saturday, April 04, 2009

Messilla Valley Circuit Race Results....................

What a tremendous day out there for a bike ride!! We held the monthly Messilla Valley Circuit Race this morning and had quite a few riders take part in this one - thank you ALL for coming out to participate in this event!! In all, we had 40 riders and a handful of volunteers/spectators for this one. I would like to give a HUGE thank you to our volunteers this morning - Brian Ray, Caryn Jones and Lisa Martens helped out with organization, handing out water bottles, taking the videos, keeping track of the riders, and cheering the riders on! You guys just rock!!! Thank you so much!!

And a massive thank you to the riders for making this such a cool event to do each month - y'all are the BEST!!!!! I would also like to thank Voler Clothing for donating Gift Certificates for this event today!

For some videos of the finishes from today's Circuit Race, please visit this website:

Below are the Preliminary Results from this morning's event - the Final Results will be posted tomorrow, if there are corrections needed. We'll be doing the Messilla Valley Circuit Race again during the month of May - probably May 17th. In the meantime, we'll be doing a few other events as the days and weeks go on! ;)

Thank you all again! Hope to see you out at tomorrow's Coutelenc Uphill Time Trial or the Afternoon Airport Criterium!!

1. Rich Thurman 1:33:21 (1st Place in Men's Category "A"!)
2. David Albrecht 1:33:21
3. Mike Cordova 1:36:41
4. Alphonse De Wolf 1:36:41
5. Tim Creswell 1:36:57
6. Kevin Speacht 1:36:58
7. Brad Foster 1:37:03
8. Rob Bishop 1:37:08
9. Jason Ziegenhirt
10. Tyler Honeyman
11. Anthony Ferretti
12. Jim Roberts (1st Place in Men's Masters 45+ Category "A"!)
13. Walter Lohse
14. Nelson Frink
15. Mark Bloom
16. Geno Gruber
17. Janeen Thorpe (1st Place in Women's Category "A"!)
18. Kurt Haskins

1. Mike Trowbridge/Janine Rood 1:49:36 (1st Place Tandem!)
2. Tom Embree 1:52:10 (1st Place in Men's Category "B"!)
3. Frank Marinello 1:52:17
4. Charlie Pelton 1:52:24 (1st Place in Men's Masters 45+ Category "B"!)
5. Kim Agur 1:53:05 (1st Place Woman AND 1st Place in Masters Women's 45+ Category!)
6.. Elizabeth Brent
7. Joanne Gilchrist
8. Shawn Hughes
9. Jeanne O'regan
10. Bill Bergmann
11. Grace Twedt
12. Christine Bergmann
13. Bob Jast
14. Russell Frink
15. Mary Ann Bachus
16. Alex Albrecht
17. Michelle Rossum
18. Skip Lees
Pack Finish:
Preben Nielsen
Anne Yates
Darlene Henderson
Sheri Simons

Team Chico & R.A.C.E. - Rodney's Awful Cycling Events
Chico, CA