Friday, March 27, 2009

Cohasset Mini-Road-Race Results from tonight..............

Hi Everyone!! We had 9 riders take part in tonight's Mini-Road-Race up to the Cohasset Narrows - thank you all for coming out to this one! It was a very close finish, with Kyle Hughes just outsprinting Mike Smith with about 200 meters left. The results, with finishing times, are below. We'll do this one again on another Friday night in the future! Hope to see you at the Airport Criterium tomorrow morning!

Results from Tonight's Cohasset Event:

1. Kyle Hughes 27:03
2. Mike Smith 27:15
3. Jeff Galland 29:11
4. Mike Painter 29:20
5. Christopher Cook 29:25
6. Clay Johnson 33:32
7. Jim Mensching 37:41
8. Norm Rosene 38:16
9. Skip Lees 38:53

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