Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tonight's Time Trial...............

Thursday, April 30th - Meridian Road 10-Mile Time Trial (a new course!) - A NEW course to try out in the 10-Mile Time Trial Series. We'll be heading to Meridian Road, just north of Chico for this one. This is a straight 5-mile out, 5-mile back in Time Trial - the course has approximately 130 feet of total climbing....primarily on the way out. Registration will open at 5:40pm with the first rider going off at 6:01pm. We will be going in 1-Minute Intervals. You must sign in at the start! The Start/Finish Line is just past the left sweeper turn on Meridian Road......the turn-around is before you get to Lassen Road(this is the same section of Meridian used on the Paskenta Century). Riders will travel north for 5 miles, then back south for 5 miles. A map of this course can be found here: Look for me at the Starting location with the RACEmobile(the green Mitsubishi POS) and the clipboard. This Time Trial WILL count towards the 2009 Chico 10-Mile Time Trial Series!


Category "A" Men
1. David Albrecht 20 points
2. Paul McIntyre 18 points
3. Steve Vickery 12 points
3. Rich Thurman 12 points
3. Jeff Galland 12 points
6. Jeff Ochs 10 points
7. Weston Crumm 8 points
7. Jeff Tse 8 points
9. Tim Olson 6 points
10. Josh Rowe 3 points
10. Anthony Ferretti 3 points

Women's Category
1. Margaret Jones 22 points
1. Joanne Gilchrist 22 points
3. Michelle Rossman 12 points
4. Caryn Jones 8 points
4. Michelle Nye 8 points
6. Katelyn Nye 6 points
7. Kim Lang 4 points
8. Megan Murphy 3 points
8. Megan Kurts 3 points
8. Christine Lewis 3 points
8. Mary Reyes 3 points
8. Claudia Avalos 3 points

Junior Women's Category:
1. Margaret Jones 12 points
2. Katelyn Nye 10 points

Women's Masters 45+ Category
1. Jeanne O'regan 24 points
2. Mary Ann Bachus 18 points
3. Darlene Henderson 14 points
4. Sue Kamrar 12 points
5. Janine Rood 10 points
6. Teresa Long 6 points

Category "B" Men
1. David Dura 36 points
2. Jeff Nye 10 points
2. Pat Beckley 10 points
2. Michael Dufresne 10 points
5. Shawn Hughes 8 points
5. Brooks Biertumpfel 8 points
7. Jeff Davis 6 points

Men's Masters 45+ Category
1. Jim Greenlee 36 points
2. Tom Murphy 18 points
3. Charlie Pelton 10 points
3. Kenny Price 10 points
5. Clayton Anderson 8 points

Men's Masters 55+ Category
1. Jim Mensching 32 points
2. Mike Trowbridge 24 points
3. James Gilchrist 16 points
3. Skip Lees 16 points

Junior Men's Category:
1. Jesse Mallory 12 points
2. Ben Mallory 10 points
3. Anthony Costello 8 points
4. Jonny Pierson 6 points
5. Nicolas King 4 points
6. Bernie Huffrogge 3 points
6. Jeff Weisener 3 points
6. Johnny Borg 3 points

Merckx Division:
1. Weston Crumm 12 points
2. Mike Trowbridge 10 points
3. Jeff Nye 28:34 8 points
4. Jesse Mallory 6 points
5. Ben Mallory 4 points
6. Anthony Costello 3 points
6. Jonny Pierson 3 points
6. Nicolas King 3 points
6. Bernie Huffrogge 3 points
6. Jeff Weisener 3 points
6. Johnny Borg 3 points


1. There will be more than 1 course used for this year's 10-Mile Time Trial Series. The courses will be scattered around the Chico area - Chico River Road, River Road, Aguas Frias Road, 7-Mile Lane, Lassen Road, Meridian Road and others to be announced as the weeks go on. The idea is to get a feel for the various 10-Mile TT routes around the area.....and just to challenge yourself a bit! Many of these Time Trials will be on Thursday evenings at 6:00PM - however, there may be a few that are thrown in on a different weeknight - or on the weekend. ALL of these Time Trials will be flat to fairly flat. Most of the Thursday Night 10-Mile Time Trials WILL count towards the Series Overall Standings. (There will be a 25-Mile TT Series, as well as a 6-Mile TT Series, announced soon).

2. ALL riders must sign in this year - Like all the events so far this year, you just need to sign in at the start in order to enter the event. And, as usual in these Time Trials, we will be going in 1-minute Intervals. Again, donations are always accepted and appreciated - but all of the events are FREE!

3. Rain and Wind will not cancel the Time Trials, unless specified by the Race Director. However, crudy air conditions(ex. - last year's Humboldt Fire) will cancel them.

4. Helmets are MANDATORY! So, please....please.....wear your helmet! Please!! AND - Yes, Aero Equipment is allowed!! So.....wear an aero helmet!! Or just a regular one!!

5. All are welcome - you don't have to do the Series - just come on out and give one or two of these events a shot! It's amazing what kind of workout you can get in during a 20 to 45 minute 10-Mile Time Trial! And it's just you against the clock!!

6. Points are used to calculate the Overall Standings in this particular Series(makes it easier for the promoter - sorry!). The point breakdown is as follows: 10-8-6-4-2-1-1-1-1, with an additional 2 points being given to each participant who completes each event. So, 10 points goes to the winner, 8 points goes to 2nd place, 6 points goes to 3rd place and so on.........everyone who finishes 6th or beyond gets 1-point for completing the event. The rider with the MOST points at the end of the Series wins the Overall Title - and the Chico 10-MIle Time Trial Series Championship Trophy, plus whatever goodies we can give you. Points will be broken down by Category. Once you enter and finish an event, you are entered in the Series.

7. The following Categories are eligible for a Series Championship Trophy:

Merckxian Category - NO aero equipment!
Category "A" Men
Women's Category
Women's Masters 45+ Category
Category "B" Men
Men's Masters 45+ Category
Men's Masters 55+ Category
Junior Men
Junior Women
(If the numbers allow it, more Categories will be added!) (Can not enter more than 2 Categories per event).

These are the Categories which all qualify for a Series Championship Trophy. If nobody - or very few folks are in one category - we may eliminate it and add an additional category where the numbers allow it. As usual, sandbaggers are strongly discouraged ( A Sandbagger would be a Category "A" rider entering a Category "B" event). And, as usual, the Series Organizer reserves the right to re-classify you at any time(within reason and with plenty of notice though.....this isn't the UCI!!!)

8. Finally, remember - these Time Trial events are essentially for practice and exercise - we have fun out there and get a great little workout in, and we get to work on some quality cycling. But, overall, they're no big World Championship/Olympic medals or million dollar contracts on the line. So, with that in mind, just treat 'em as such - a good training event to try some new things, gain some good fitness.....and maybe even get into a "real" sanctioned race at some point in time. Or not. Just have fun with it!! We'll have trophies and hopefully some prizes for the Series winners - and definitely loads of fun....and pain and suffering. ;) But remember - it's all in good fun!

9. Some articles on 10-Mile Time Trial Training & History:

Hope to see you out there!!

Team Chico & R.A.C.E. - Rodney's Amateurish Cycling Events
Chico, CA