Monday, April 20, 2009

Results from Sunday's Field of Dreams Time Trial...............

Another incredibly beautiful day for a bike ride out there! We held the 12.6 mile Field of Dreams Time Trial this morning out by Spring Valley School. The temps were great, but the breeze was picking up while we were out there. 16 riders came out to take part in this 1st ever event - and it looks like we will definitely be back to do this one again! Thank you all for taking part in this event - it was awesome seeing you all out there!! Looks like quite a few riders decided to ride Table Mountain today too, in preparation for next week's Wildflower Century!!

Okay, below are the Results from this morning's Field of Dreams Time Trial - and photos of the event can be found here:

Final Results - Field of Dreams Time Trial - April 19th, 2009:
1. Jim Roberts 32:08(1st Place in the Merckxian Category too!)
2. Mike Trowbridge & Janine Rood 32:19 (1st Place Tandem!)
3. Brad Foster 32:29
4. Greg Watkins 34:11
5. Jeff Ochs 34:33
6. Eric Ayars 34:39
7. Elizabeth Brent 36:11 (1 Place in the Women's Category!)
8. Kim Agur 36:17
9. Joanne Gilchrist 36:40
10. Renee Fiack 38:01
11. Sue Kamrar 38:25
12. Christine Bergmann 39:55
13. Grace Twedt 40:15
14. Bill Bergmann 40:57
15. Mary Reyes 54:44

Team Chico & R.A.C.E. - Rodney's Annoying Cycling Events
Chico, CA