Sunday, April 05, 2009

Coutelenc Road Uphill Time Trial Results..............

Hi Everyone!! Well, it started out quite cold this morning up in Magalia for the Coutelenc Road Uphill Time Trial - the 6th event in the Butte Hill Climb Time Trial Series. But, by the time we started the riders off, it warmed up a bit - and it turned out to be quite a fun event! Thank you all for coming out to this one - it looks like this particular Time Trial is a keeper.......and will probably make another appearance this year at the Summer Hill Climb Series!

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Brad Foster and Foster Chiropractic Clinic - - for donating raffle prizes for this morning's Time Trial......and for bringing out the AWESOME goodies(sodas, muffins and donuts!) at the end of the race!! Our raffle winners this morning were: Jesse Rushing, Jeanne O'regan and Gary Fowler - winning nutritional products from Foster Chiropractic! Thank you Brad and to his family for cheering the riders on at the finish line too - it was great to have a cheering section out there!!! LOVE the cowbells!!

AND - speaking of Gary Fowler - a MASSIVE thank you goes out to him for volunteering to start all the riders again - thank you Gary!!!! Without his help, this event would be chaos - so, thank you so much Gary! For his support, Gary will get an additional 5 points in the Series.......if you would like to be a volunteer at the next event and receive an additional 5 points, just e-mail me! The next event is The Vilas Road Time Trial on April 18th!

Okay, below are the Combined Results from this morning's Time Trial. I will have the updated Overall Standings in the Butte Hill Climb Time Trial Series later this evening!

Thank you all again!!!!!

1. Rich Thurman 22:00 (1st Place in Men's Category "A")
2. Jesse Rushing 22:21
3. Greg Golet 22:50
4. Brad Foster 23:35
5. Jim Roberts 24:31
6. Jim Greenlee 26:50 (1st Place in Men's Category "B")
7. Tom Embree 27:30 (1st Place in Clydesdale Category)
8. Bill Brent 28:09 (1st Place in Men's Masters 50+ Category)
9. Teresa Kludt 28:20 (1st Place in Women's Masters Category)
10. John Touchette 28:34
11. Lindsay Myers 28:40 (1st Place in Women's Category)
12. Mike Crumm 28:47
13. Gary Fowler 29:22
14. Christine Roberts 29:31
15. Charlie Pelton 29:46
15. Walt Schafer 29:46 (1st Place in Men's Masters 60+ Category)
17. Samuel Bransky 30:30
18. Jeanne O'regan 30:34
19. Shawn Hughes 31:01
20. Reene Fiack 31:03
20. Jeff Davis 31:03
22. Ray Bransky 31:15
23. Sue Kamrar 31:34
24. Jay Rawlins 31:54
25. Colin Moakley 32:49
26. Joanne Gilchrist 33:20
27. Jim Mensching 33:57
28. Mik Ruga 34:18
29. Skip Lees 36:10
30. Jenn Haffner 36:14

Team Chico & R.A.C.E. - Rodney's Amateurish Cycling Events
Chico, CA