Friday, November 18, 2011

Cherokee Road Time Trial - Tomorrow at 9:00AM!

Saturday, November 19th - The Cherokee Road Time Trial (starts at Coal Canyon Road & Hwy. 70) - 9:00AM:

Registration will open at 8:30am, with the 1st rider taking off at 9:01AM - and, we will go in 1-minute intervals. The Start/Registration area is at the corner of Coal Canyon Road & Hwy. 70 - directly across the street from Wheelock Road. Look for me and the at the Starting area. The Cherokee Road course is approximately 4.8 miles in length and has about 1,100 feet of total climbing - and is considered a Category 3 climb in the Series. The route starts at Coal Canyon Road - and follows Hwy. 70 up to Cherokee Road. Turn right at Cherokee Road and travel up and up. The finish for this one is in the little town of Cherokee at the top of the hill. If conditions warrant, there will be extra points added to the event for "adverse" weather. ;) For a map of the Cherokee Uphill Time Trial course, please visit:Link

Helmets are mandatory!
(Event #10 in the 15-race Chico Hill Climb Time Trial Series - a Category 3 Climb.)


Category "A" Overall Standings:
1. Daniel Green 145 points
2. Kris Blee 144 points
3. Garrett Marking 136 points
4. Jim Roberts 131 points
5. David Albrecht 77 points
6. Scott Jennings 71 points
7. Mike Painter 58 points
8. Aren Timmel 33 points
9. Chris Courtney 29 points
10. Rich Thurman 27 points
10. Jesse Rushing 27 points
12. Bobby Zidek 25 points
13. Jason Milliron 23 points
13. Gary Towne 23 points
15. Scott Heather 21 points
15. Michael Smith 21 points
17. Josh Rowe 19 points
18. Josh Bullock 17 points
19. Blake Anderson 13 points

Category "B" Overall Standings:
1. Patrick Clark 227 points
2. Jonathan McCabe 189 points
3. Seth Jones 151 points
4. John Touchette 136 points
5. Fernando Wolford 102 points
6. Chris Marking 101 points
7. Stephen Work 66 points
8. Alex Roberson 59 points
9. Andy Grayson 46 points
10. Michael Lee 35 points
11. Gabe Medina 29 points
12. Nathan Younie 27 points
13. Barry DeWitt 23 points
14. Brian Ray 19 points
15. Geno Gruber 17 points
16. Nathan Coy 15 points
16. Steve Chollet 15 points
16. Jeff Ochs 15 points
16. Matt Roberts 15 points
20. Steven Lemos 13 points
20. Randy Will 13 points
20. Don Miller 13 points
23. Galen Bowen 11 points
24. Brandon Mascarenas 9 points
25. Trevor DeHart 4 points

Category "C" Overall Standings:
1. Skip Lees 79 points
2. Ron Penne 33 points
2. Scott Davis 33 points

Women's Category Overall Standings:
1. Amanda Jones 173 points
2. Stephanie Berkowitz 130 points
3. Teresa Kludt 118 points
4. Erica McCabe 74 points
5. SanDee Brown 73 points
6. Sandra Barton 71 points
7. Forough Molina 61 points
8. Mindy McPherson 40 points
9. Janine Rood 39 points
10. Kim Lange 38 points
11. Doni Carter 29 points
12. Kate Cavell 25 points
13. Mary Michael 21 points
14. Sue Kamrar 19 points
14. Joanne Gilchrist 19 points
14. Alexandra Blee 19 points
17. Danielle Penne 15 points
18. Chris Lewis 13 points
19. Diann Harger 12 points
20. Barb Cross 11 points
20. Diane Penne 11 points
22. Renee Fiack 7 points
23. Jeanne O'regan 5 points
24. Christine Bergmann 4 points

Masters 50+ Category Overall Standings:
1. Tom Tucker 219 points
2. Jim Mensching 133 points
3. Monte Wolford 131 points
4. Mike Ruffner 121 points
5. Lee Altier 89 points
6. Gary Fowler 79 points
7. Steve Dennis 65 points
8. Tony Mainz 57 points
9. Dan Corfman 52 points
10. Walt Schafer 50 points
11. Mike Trowbridge 48 points
12. Dave Weathers 46 points
13. Jay Rawlins 30 points
14. Matt Maderos 27 points
15. Lex Parker 24 points
15. Bob Jones 24 points
17. Doug Weseman 23 points
18. Nelson Frink 21 points
18. Michael Jamison 21 points
20. John Growdon 19 points
21. Jeff Stephens 17 points
21. Doug Conrad 17 points
21. Ray Bransky 17 points
24. Tony Jewett 13 points
25. Dennis Deromedi 11 points
25. Tim Hansen 11 points
27. Phil Weintraub 9 points
27. Mark Stapleton 9 points
29. Byron Fountain 8 points
30. Greg Kallio 5 points
31. Wes Ohlsen 4 points
32. Mark Hooper 4 points
33. Carl Waters 4 points

Juniors Category Overall Standings:
1.Sierra Wolford 159 points

Tandem Category Overall Standings:
1. Rick & Laurie Ellison 135 points


Hi Everyone! So, we are starting up the 2011 Chico Hill Climb Time Trial Series again on Sunday, September 4th with the Cohasset Time Trial! The Series will visit various climbs around Chico - and Butte County(see events and tentative dates below). There was a similar Series done years ago here in Chico - 1981 or 1982 - by Tom Devol and Jeff Smith, who owned Cyclesport bike shop at the time. So, we decided to revive the old Hill Climb Series.......with a few route changes. Below is a list of the very tentative events with dates. It should be mentioned that these dates could change depending upon other events going on. And, of course......the weather! Rain will NOT cancel - but snow and ice will.

15 events - 26,000+ feet of total climbing - held over a 4-month period from September through December 2011! Bound to be a very challenging and memorable Series. Sure - there will be pain and suffering - but it's the good kind!!

Note: The Butte Hill Climb Time Trial Series will be back in January 2012 - starting with The Humboldt Hill Climb Time Trial on Sunday, January 1st, 2012!

How does it work???
Below are each of the 15 Events in the 2011 Chico Hill Climb Time Trial Series. Each climb has been given a rank based upon feedback from some well-known riders in the area (and climbers in particular - yes, I know - everyone is different, but this is just a low-key have-fun series, so no big whoop). Hors Category and Category 1 climbs are the hardest, with Category 3 being.......let's not say easiest.......let's say........not quite as hard as Category 1! Points will be awarded to the top finishers in each Hill Climb TT - the folks with the most points at the end of the Series, wins the overall title in their respective categories........along with the coveted Chico Hill Climb Champion Trophy. Never done a Time Trial before?? No problem - it's just you against the clock.....go your own pace and just do what you can out there!!! There are ALL levels of riders out there - from Pros, to guys like me who take 2 days to climb Humboldt, and everyone in, just come on out and test yourself, and go your own pace!!

RESULTS: I will try my best to have results & photos out from each Time Trial within a 24-hour period, as well as the Updated Overall Standings after each event. Sometimes life gets in the way, but I don't foresee that happening this next Fall/Winter. The results will be posted at

EVERY competitor who starts and finishes an event receives an additonal 3 points PER event. It should also be noted - there MIGHT be an additional point(s) awarded for "adverse conditons". One year, we had an absolute freezing cold downpour of rain at the Centerville Time Trial and I awarded everyone 2 extra points for "adverse conditions"........but, again, this is a BIG "might" and the conditions would have to be atrocious. ANY person who helps me start the riders off at the events receives an additional 3 points for volunteering - I usually only need 1 or 2 people, and can always use the help.....and you can still race the event - just be the last one out of the starting gate and you'll be good-to-go!!

The Point Breakdown for placings is as follows:

Hors Category Climb = 40-36-34-32-30-28-26-22-20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2-1-1-1 (In other words, 1st place in an Hors Category Time Trial gets 40 points, 2nd place gets 36 and on down the line - every person who competes in the event gets at least 1 point)

Category 1 Climb = 30-26-24-22-20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2-1-1-1 (1st place in a Cat. 1 TT gets 30 points, 2nd place gets 26 and on down the line - every person who competes in the event gets at least 1 point)

Category 2 Climb = 24-20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2-1-1-1(The winner of a Cat. 2 climb gets 24 points, 2nd place gets 20 points and on and on)

Category 3 Climb = 20-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2-1-1-1

And here are the Time Trial courses, the very tentative dates, and their listed difficulty category. Starting times for the events are normally consistent - 8:30am registration opens, 1st rider off at 9:01am.
**PLEASE NOTE - These dates are extremely tentative. Reasons for a change in dates include snow and ice on the climbs, other events going on that same day, a change in the R.A.C.E. calendar or Rodney being ill or out-of-town, etc. So, take the dates with a grain of salt....for now:

Sunday, Sept. 4th - Cohasset-to-the-Store Time Trial - Cat. 2 - approximately 5.1 miles & 1,600 feet of climbing - COMPLETED!

Sunday, Sept. 11th - Honey Run Road Time Trial - Cat. 1 - approximately 5.5 miles & 1,400 feet of climbing - COMPLETED!

Sunday, Sept. 25th - The Forest Ranch Time Trial (A Chico Velo event!) - Cat. 1 - approximately 11.2 miles & 2,300 feet of climbing - COMPLETED!

Sunday, Oct. 2nd - Neal Road Time Trial - Cat. 3 - approximately 8.1 miles & 1,300 feet of climbing - COMPLETED!

Saturday, Oct. 15th - Pentz Road Time Trial - Cat. 2 - approximately 5.8 miles & 1,200 feet of climbing - COMPLETED!

Saturday, Oct. 22nd - Clark Road Time Trial - Cat. 2 - approximately 7.7 miles & 1,700 feet of climbing - COMPLETED!

Sunday, Oct. 30th - Centerville Time Trial(From the Honey Run Covered Bridge to the gravel) - Cat. 3 - approximately 6.6 miles; 1,300 feet of climbing - COMPLETED!

Saturday, Nov. 5th - Coutolenc Time Trial(just stay on Coutolenc Road) - Cat. 2 - approximately 6.8 miles & 1,500 feet of climbing - COMPLETED!

Saturday, Nov. 12th - Vilas Road Time Trial - Hors Category - approximately 6.9 miles & 2,400 feet of climbing - COMPLETED!

Saturday, Nov. 19th - Cherokee Time Trial(From Coal Canyon Road) - Cat. 3 - approximately 4.8 miles; 1,100 feet of climbing

Saturday, Nov. 26th - Table Mountain Time Trial(Wildflower Century side) - Cat. 1 - approximately 5.3 miles & 1,600 feet of climbing

Sunday, Dec. 4th - Cohasset-to-the-Gravel Time Trial - Hors Category - approximately 9.4 miles & 2,900 feet of climbing

Saturday, Dec. 10th - Lime Saddle Time Trial - Cat. 2 - approximately 4.7 miles & 1,000 feet of climbing

Saturday, Dec. 17th - The Garland Road Time Trial - Hors Category - approximately 16 miles & 3,400 feet of climbing

Saturday, Dec. 31st - The Humboldt Road Time Trial - Category 3 - approximately 3.4 miles & 700 feet of climbing - AWARDS CEREMONY AFTER THIS EVENT!

15 Climbs, approximately 26,000+ feet of total climbing, held over a 4-month period from September 2011 through December 2011. Consistency will be key to winning the Overall Series. Above distances and climbing are very rough approximates only.

PARTICIPANT CATEGORIES: The following categories will be offered for the Series(see below). The winner in each category will receive the 2011 Chico Hill Climb Champion Trophy, along with Bragging well as any stuff we can get to give away as prizes:

Category "A" - Advanced & Intermediate

Category "B" - Intermediate & Novice

Category "C" - Novice, Clydesdales & Slower climbers like me.

Women's Category

Masters 50+ Category

Juniors (Looking at 10 to 16 years of age for this particular Category, but may be changed depending upon who shows up!)

Tandem Category

As usual, sandbaggers are strongly discouraged (A Sandbagger would be a Category "A" rider entering a Category "B" event - must be totally obvious to the race director). Also, if there are a lot of folks in one particular category, we may split those up into sub-categories, if needed. In turn, if nobody - or very few folks are in one category, we may eliminate it and add an additional category where the numbers allow it(these COULD include tandem categories, Trail-A-Bike category, mountain bike category, or any other age Categories). At the end of the Series, we will have an Awards Ceremony at a local establishment or at another R.A.C.E. event. Hope to have some 2011 Chico Hill Climb Time Trial Series T-shirts to give out as well, but will be dependent upon my extremely limited budget.

One note: Any rider caught giving grief to the Promoter, the Timers or the Starters of these events will be automatically disqualified from - not only the event - but the entire Series. So, do what ya always do, and just have fun with the Series - it's no big whoop, we're just out there having fun and getting some good fitness!!! (No no - we've never ever had a problem with getting grief - just wanted to state it so it will continue to just be a fun event for everyone involved!!). AND - Helmets are MANDATORY at all events!

This Series is FREE - so come on out and take advantage of some, or all, of these Time Trials this Fall/Winter 2011! Although donations are always appreciated, they are NEVER necessary to enter these events - I just want y'all out there testing yourselves on your bicycles and having fun!!! Hope to see you out there - and I will have more details, maps and information as we get closer to the events.

R.A.C.E. - Rodney's Amateur Cycling Events
Chico, California